Hi, everyone. I'm having problems installing an old HD into my new computer. The new computer is a Compaq SR2020NX. The new computer's HD is a SATA, and my old HDs are both ATAs.

My old computer is an HP (circa 2001), 700MHz. It came with a 40GB Maxtor and I later installed an extra 20GB Maxtor that fell into my lap because I badly needed the space.

What I would like to do is take the 20GB slave from my old computer and install it into the new one in order to transfer the files from the slave drive onto the master of my new computer. Having done that, I would take the slave drive out of the new computer and replace it with the master of my old computer. I would then use my old 40GB master as a slave until I eventually buy a larger HD.

Now, I ran into problems last night on my attempt. After installing the old slave into my new computer, it refused to finish booting up, insisting that there was a "non-system disk" that needed to be removed. I've encountered this problem once before while originally installing the 20GB slave into my old computer until I figured out what I was doing.

However, I'm not sure how to get around this one. I can only guess that the problem is that the old ATA's connect to the motherboard off of IDE ribbon cables and they have to be in a specific order for the BIOS to know which is the master and the slave. Now, since the slave is the lone HD on the ribbon cable, I'm guessing that the BIOS is confused as to which is the master and simply rejects the idea of booting up at all.

Any help or further elucidation would be greatly appreciated.
First check the HD jumper make sure that it is on slave and if it is still giving you some problems unplug one of your logical drives (burner's or dvd) and use the IDE from it. hope that resolves your problem
The problem is all taken care of, and thanks for helping. The thing that was baffling me the most- and I probably should have mentioned this- was that the jumpers were gone altogether, which usually makes the HD a slave by default. Again, thanks for response!
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just wondering, if the jumpers are already gone, aren't they set as cable select on default?
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