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Hi guys,

Im considering upgrading from my A64 3200+ (venice core) to either an opteron 170 or a an X2 4600+ depending on cost / availability when and if i decide to actually do this upgrade.

My question is will going from a 3200+ to an X2 4600+ / Opteron 170 significantly improve gaming performance? ive noticed as of late with newer games that the 3200+ just doesnt cut it anymore.
Also im stuck on socket 939 as i really dont want/dont feel the need to upgrade my mother board for a while yet...

rest of system specs:
Asus A8N SLI-deluxe
1gb corsair ram
leadtek PCI-E 6800gt (may upgrade this to a 7900gt or something similar)
you will see a performance increase in general usage as it makes multitasking much much easier with the x2. As far as game performance, I do not think (on most games) that the performace increase will be THAT great -- if your gameplay is suffering primarly a video card upgrade might need to be in your near future.
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thanks, the main reason i'm thinking about upgrading the cpu (well not thinking about it, i actually ordered the opty 170 today) is because im assuming they are being phased out now and id rather have a decent 939 cpu and not be able to upgrade rather than having a lower end cpu and not be able to upgrade it withou buying a new mobo.

as for video cards... if i get a new one im thinking it might be worth waiting for the DX10 cards to start appearing.
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definitely, although those will not be out in a while...