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Well , I decided to build a C2D PC. I'm looking at the E6600 cpu and I would like some advice on a MOBO and Memory. I will not be overclocking and I only play just a few Games , other than that the system will be used for general computing such as ( burning , photo editing, etc. ) I like the Asus boards due to their ease of use especially when upgrading the Bios. I will keep my current video cards until the DX10 lines come out. This is my current setup, please advise thanks for your time and advice.

My System
asus AN8 SLI Premium mobo
Amd 64x2 4400+ dual core cpu
enermax 600watt psu
2 6800 GS Evga 256mb boards
2 gb of Cosair dual channel pc3200 (4 x 512 )
Pri. HD WD 10,000 rpm 74gb sata raptor
Sec > HD WD 7200 rpm 250gb sata
HP DL DVD lightscribe burner
NEC DL DVD burner
Case Aspire Navigator
Mobo - sit tight 2 weeks or so, let's see what nvidia has in store. Memory might be a similar issue, but I guess right now faster is better as it's looing like there might be 1ghz memory to go with the next gen platform.
Your current system's no slouch.
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Thanks for the advice , please keep me posted on this if you can. I'll keep checking the forum each day for your responses. I really appreciate the help.
Der Meister
true, i would wait till the beginning of next year till i upgraded from your system at the earliest.