Hi Everyone! How are ya?!

I am having trouble with my lcd monitor. It is about 1.5 years old and was bought brand new. The company is really unknown -- i couldn't find much information, it is a Neijiang Direction Liquid Crystal Display Co. model # l-172.

Anyway around June it started to flicker. When we turn on the computer in the morning the monitor would turn on and then it turns off immediately (3 seconds) with the power button changing from green to yellow. We would have to continue pushing the monitor's power button on & off for about 5 minutes until it goes steady again. THe more we push the button the longer it stays on until it goes steady without shutting off until we shut down the computer for the night.

So a month later it continued doing that but then when we do our method it doesn't work - no matter how long and many times we push the on&off, it doesn't go steady and continues to turn off (yellow light button) after around 3 seconds of being on.

This is what we tried to do to fix it
1) Changed all wirings (vga, power)
2) Unplugged it from power and plugged it back in after awhile
3) Changed to our other computer

All these methods did not work and now its just sitting in our table and i'm using a really old CRT monitor (blah)

Anyone have a solution? i'll give u a doller
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Keep the dollar, you will need it to help pay for a new monitor (sorry).
can't that be a last resort?
Super Dave
Replacement is always the last resort! Fortunately, the price of LCD's has gone down quite a bit in the last 1.5 years (even name-brand models). It probably wouldn't be very cost-effective to pay someone to fix yours.
Does the monitor have an external power suplly. If so, this may be the cause of the issue. If its internal, then I'm afraid its probably either a costly repair or the scrap heap.
its an internal power supply
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 Sorry, but I join in just today. Your monitor (I have the same model - working good) have problem with internal power supply (to fix ~40$), or power switch (~$10 if you deliver to any shop), or most unfortunate is a backlite panel we talking of $60-80. If you consider byu new one go to www.factorydirect.com  (or .ca) and try ACER good quality series, refurbished in ~$160. Also try to sell them your monitor range $50-100. In Canada it is possible. Goosd luck Leo