Ok so I'm back in China and I've got a few problems I want to solve with one machine and here they are:
1) I get my internet from a local school that has a nice phat pipe, and decent ping but they have a buttload of restricted sites that go way beyond China's limitation except in a few rare cases where I can get something on the school's net that I can't get without. I could (and plan to) pop for my own DSL line which is a bit slower but has better access to sites. So the machine I'm going to make is going to be based off my current 939 rig w/a new mobo and 2 add-on NICs. The plan is to use a windows OS to sort of bind these two internet connections together and the third nic will go back to the actual LAN itself. So this machine will run the network's firewall, etc.

2) It's also going to serve as a massive file sink/raid array- but I can do that.

So my question is more on #1, what suggestions do you have to set up a rig with 2 PCI-nics and a regular built in NIC - and I have an extremely strong desire to run this on a windows box.

So should I set this box up somehow as a gateway of sorts? Maybe I could even use it to cache some files and use some kind of proxy host software? Suggestions, input, how-to guides?
It's kind of twin problems really:
1) In the day the school network is bogged down, but at night it's free. Vice versa (for obvious reasons) for residential DSL.

2) The school site gets a few sites that aren't normally censored by the great firewall of China, but it also tags a buttload of sites I wouldn't be without. You have no idea how hard it is for me to support HH via digg at this time. I'm actually paying to go to a netbar to do it. Anyhow - the desire to blend the two somehow just seems like a no-brainer if it's possible. I guess I'll have to look at some third party software to make it happen and use my other computer as a gateway.
When using the schools internet connection just connect to a proxy server, and then no more restrictions.
That's a good idea. A non technical solution would be to just switch between the two connections. Meaning physically unplug the cable that connects to the school or dsl at different times of the day.
Yeah, just inconvenient. I think I might have found an interesting solution to this problem. I'll post more as I get it.