well being that i gotthis card for christmas and they suddenyl disappeared off the market i want to tweak this thing. maybe like ulock some more pipelines or flasht eh bios. someone help me out and give me some links. the only mod i know how to do is the voltage mod which i dont want to do since it kills your card if u leave it on for too long. so someone help me out or tell me how much i can get for it if i were to sell it to someone. BTw i have a Arctic Cooling Rev 3 on it with AS5 on it also.
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if you have the full blown 6800GT then there is nothing to unlock. Just get coolbits or riva turner and begin overclocking. You might want to flash the bios to ULTRA just to get a bit more volts on the gpu core, but it really depends on how well you can get an overclock. My 6800GT does like 430/1200 with the same cooler you got. It really depends on the card as to how far it will overclock. If you are really serious and know how to solder then you might check out volt modding.
yea i heard about volt modding. only thing is it dramaticaly decreases the life of your card if u leave it on. and do you know how i can flash it to ultra? like where to get the flash and then how to flash it?
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