I originally started this thread on another service that gave you 25GB, but tey only allowed for 1GB a month download, which kinda defeated the purpose of it. So I found this which is much better even though you don't get as much storage.

It has only 5GB of space, but its free and there doesn't seem to be any download limit. Plus there are a lot more features like drive mapping and auto back up. The only thing is its from AOL. Google is also suppose to come out with a simliare service calle gdrive, and microsoft is coming out with live drive, but they have not been released yet.

I havn't tryed xdrive yet my sely, but plan on trying it tonight. I can let you guys know how it goes if you want.

EDIT: I installed it, and it is a very nice program/service so far. It uses about 23MB of ram to run it as a network drive, but it does not start up with windows by default. It is very responsive as a network drive. It uses X: , which I had already assighned to a drive on my media server, so I had to give the drive on my media server a different letter. The Web UI is very nice and works in firefox. You have to setup a AOL account, but it does not install any othe AOL programs.