I was installing new fans on my brother's computer and I tipped the case over onto its front not realizing that the thumb drive was plugged in, so it of course broke. The circuit board is snapped but the two parts are still connected by some metal strips, and the plug is still intact so it can be plugged into a usb slot. It won't work as it is, I tried. What I need to know is if there is anyway to if not fix it to at least get the data off of it, hopefull at little or no expense. If anyone can tell me anything I'd appreciate it.

Also Ive heard that sometimes u can freeze physically broken electronics and get them to function for a short amount of time.
The only thing I can think of is to get an identical thumb drive and swap the good bits for the bad. Obviously the most important parts would be the e2 proms and the drv. Of course you would need a very small soldering tip attatched to the end of your Antec as most components are surface mount these days. You may need a large base mounted magnifying glass to see the tracks, but its quite easy really...

Simply put...don't bother unless you know what you are doing. Just appologise and buy him a copy of Company of Heroes or something.

Heh apologees are so much easier whn you've fixed part of the problem. Ohwell maybe he didnt have anything important on it and I can get a new one. Also the freezing thing didnt work so I guess I'm sunk.