I used my old AMS Gmono midtower case for my media server, and since there is a metal divider between the each 2x5.25 drive bays I got a couple of these Lian Li hard drive racks, but they stick out a bit. It doesn't look that bad, but I was thinking of getting a new case for it, and one more hard drive rack.

LIAN LI PC-6077B Black Tower Computer Case

My media server can take 6 hard drives right now, and I plan on getting a IDE controler card, and adding another 4 at least. Maybe more if my PSU can handel it, which is a thermaltake 430watt.

I could get This case, which is a lot cheaper, but then I could only have 9 hard drives.

The case is expensive, but I could ask for it for Christmas. I don't know what the hell else to ask for. Anyways, what do you guys think? Is it worth it or what?

EDIT: here is kinda what it would look like with all the hard drive racks.

Der Meister
I think if i got that one id add a farn of two in the front for HD cooling. just a 120mm or 2...

it looks cool but does it really need to look good to be a server? why not just get a $50 case theyd works the same... its a server no need to go flashy on it, just my .02 on it thought.
Thats true, and a $50 case is what I have right now, but the look does matter a bit because it sits under my desk. Plus if its a gift then it really won't cost Me anything. It would be a better gift the the ussual stuff that I get.

And about the fans. Each one of the hard drive racks has a 80mm fan, and stores 3 hard drives. They also have one that takes up 3 drive bays instead of 2 and holds 4 drives with a 120, but I think that 4 80mm fans in front, and 12 hard drives would be enough. I already have 2 of the hard drive racks, and would only need one more.

Its a really nice case. Brushed Aluminum, removable motherboard tray, blow hole, ect.
Der Meister
If its a gift go for it. I think 4 80mm fans will do really well for hd cooling.
Yah I think I'll ask for it. Maybe I'll ask for a few other things, like a new LCD, and see what I get.