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I sent my computer to a local shop to get a few problems with it fixed. As part of the service the supposed qualified technicans took the liberty of running a program called "PC 1 Click" which is supposed to compact your registry. Removed old entries and what have you. All seemed well, seeing as it appeared legitamate software.

When I got my PC home... things have stopped working. To an extent. For example, Windows Search function to find files and folders no longer works, System Restore presents me with a blank screen, and when I click on Windows Media Player, all I get is this error message:

As far as I know the registry program did this. Or am I mistaken? Seeing as I didn't have these problems before. The only solution I can think of is reinstalling Windows so it has the correct registry entries.... assuming of course this is indeed the source of the problem.

Is there a way of downloading certain registry entries I need instead of reinstalling completely? Or has this problem most likely been caused by something else?

At the very least I've learned that I should trust no one with my registry!

Thunder Chunks
It could be some of your dll files have gone walkabout (and I will stand corrected by any other member here if it isnt so). If you have your copy of XP to hand a last resort could be to open 'run' in your start menu and type 'sfc/scannow'. It may subsequently prompt you to insert your XP disc, however it should also repair any missing XP files.

If you are going to cleanup your registry yourself in the furture you cannot go wrong with a copy of Registry Mechanic and CCleaner. Infact it may well be worth running these programmes before my first suggestion. I am also taking it for granted that you have run 'error-checking' on your hd?

Hope this helps.