Wut up. just thought i would like to share with everyone that i have officially taken off the IHS on my A64 winchester. i heard you could do it so i went ahead and tried it out. i didnt know there were guides tho so that kinda made things difficult. i used a razerblade, a piece of foam, and about 20 minuts of my precious time to do this. didint even leave a scratch .

Fgured id keep the extra epoxy on since i dont feel like killing the CPU

Heres wut it looks like now:

let me know what u guys think. oh and the reason i attempted this is because my birthdat is coming up on OCt. 5th and im getting a X2 proc so i firgured why not.
Marco C
Did you experiment with some direct-die cooling yet? Better overclocks, temps, etc?
not yet. gotta get my motherboard in shipment. which should be in 1-2 days. i will def. post back with my results tho.

idk if any of you have ever taken a IHS off but holy crap these things are thinck and soooo heavy. and the original thermal pst that they put on there has the consistency of clay!! lemme take a pic of the thickness
Super Dave
Hey wait a guys have lost me. What is IHS (perhaps Integrated-HeatSink?) and what is direct-die cooling? Clue me in!
the actual CPU is on the right in the picture. that little square in the middle is the actualy processor and is called the die. direct-die cooling is when you have a HS directly on the die producing much lower temps rather then if you had the IHS on.

and yes thats what IHS stands for. im post a tut that someone else did on how to do this and if someoen could sticky that would be great

and my camera isnt working so i guess ur not gunna get to see how this it is.
Marco C
IHS - Integrated Heat Spreader (there's a difference between a heatsink and a heat spreader)

And direct die cooling is exactly what Covert has described. Removing the IHS and mounting a heatsink so it makes direct contact with the CPU die. IHSes were introduced becasue it was too easy to chip a die and damage the chip. They actually hinder cooling performance.
yea this IHS is just a 1/2 pound block of aluminum and this will def. hinder cooling performance by a lot. the reason why they started doing it is because of what Wop described and also a little marketing technique to make the cpusa feel heavy therefor making them seem and look a lot nicer.
Direct Die Cooling is usually based around using the compressor/evaporator/condenser/oil separator from a fridge or A/C unit, and moving it from cooling 5000 square foot room to a chip less than 1 square foot in size. Average temps are sub -100C. I am currently working on a dual stage one. Eg: One cools the other, then that cools the chip. But the gas used is expensive and hard to obtain, but I did have fun tearing down some fridges. 😃 It will be a while before I finish due to lack of time, and tools. 😕
lol. cant you just use the fridge unit and but it in a nice Box/Drawer setup to make it "blend" with your room? and i think at -100C your CPU would Explode/Shatter . idk how comfortable i would be about putting my Die in -100C. But hey, if it can withstand it then get ready for the most amazing overclocking potential you have ever seen in your life.

oh and by firdge unit i mean just the cooling unit, not the entire fridge
Reminds me of when I cracked off the IHS of a K6/2, it almost looked the same! Seems like AMD realized that maybe IHS(s) are a good thing after the Athlon t-bird/XP series. Can you post some pics that are abit more zoomed in by any chance?
yea sure. gotta fin my reg. camera tho. that pic was with my phone.