ya X is right. dont double post....
recovering, please use the edit button........
How to win friends and influence people is a book I skipped, don't worry about how I post. As far as what I've been posting, I feel I haven't stepped on anyones toes so m.y.o.b. people!!!
Der Meister
no you havent stepped on any toes, but your posting 2 posts for what can be said in 1. its more a matter of etiquette.
...someone came correct, etiquette I can respect. Well put Der, now I can go back and edit without feeling like I'm being talked down to!
Der Meister
None of us were trying to disrespect you recovering, in fact I even said "please"

Thank you for your cooperation however and welcome to HH

Originally posted by: recoveringknowitall
Save the drama! I mean come on, that for the love of God comment was just uneccessary as was the post itself. If that post reflects the content of your other 2785 posts, please spare us!!!

Give me a break recoverving. Post on many forums? That's why I put the freakin out let you know I wasnt trying to be a hard@ss. But now your just nevermind.

Dont be so defensive next time. I wouldnt have said anything but you were doing it in more than just this thread.
aight peeps lets start makiing thread specific posts here.
agreed Covert.

so recovering why not build a Core2 duo system now.......and then just upgrade to vista when it comes out?
My upgrade budget is fixed. If my x-amount will by y-setup now and z-setup is better but can be bought for the same price as y if I wait a bit longer, then I don't mind waiting another 2-4mos. By then Vista will be out, DX 10 cards will be out and core2 prices might be lower!!!
P.S. In forums, just like in the real world, I'll decide who I "like" and/or can relate with and who I don't want to deal with. The people I'm dealing with can of course make the same decision!
Yes C2D will be cheaper by then (modern CPUs anyway) but then you run into the problem that Vista is gonna set you back a few hundred bucks....a HUGE PSU will set you back another few hundred bucks...and a DX10 card will set you back at least $400....

So just vista and dx10 alone will almost $1000.....

interesting situation you are in though. Do you just set urself a specified amt of $$ you use to upgrade PER hardware generation or....
Though people often complain about lengthy waits for PC game releases, these hiatus' offer savvy consumers the opportunity to thoroughly profile titles prior to purchase. An individual can then compile a list of games they wish to play and invest in hardware that will adequately run those games. That is what dictates what I buy and How much I'm willing to spend. Here's my shortlist: Elder scrolls, HL2fran., Prey, 2142, UT2007, Crysis, Bio-shock.
So you are building this rig at the MOMENT for these specific games. Forgive me, but in the context it just makes it seem as if you are never going to upgrade your you are going to build your PC initially but then let it stay at that idle performace until the next gen comes out? I am just curious is this is what you mean but your prior few posts....