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I'm going to do a NEWer system (mostly), but I'm not sure what I need for a video card. I'm not a "gamer" but I do enjoy Doom 3 and some Splinter Cell every now and again. Mostly though I run Photoshop, Flash, Macromedia and programs of that nature. Maybe some video editing once in a while.

My only requirement of a card would that it supports dual monitors.

I would also like to get some feedback on the MOBO and CPU I've picked out. So far I've read some good reviews but does anyone have something to add (good or bad)?

Thanks for your help.

Asus A8N-PSI Premium
AMD 3800+
3x 256 Corsair XMS 3200
Video Card - ?
120 WD
Antec Case with 400W PSU
Plextor CD Burner
19" ViewSonic P95f+
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depends on how much you're going to spend. but take a look at the 7900GS. hothardware has a review of this one
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