Came across a X-fi Music Extreme for pretty much free, now I need some good affordable 5.1 speakers to do it justice.

My choice stands between the Logitech X-530 for the "safe" choice
- and a "Typhoon Acoustic 5.1 AS Design" ...the specs

The Typhoon is supposed to be home theater, but I'll mainly be using it for games and music. Now I've heard the bass on the Logitech is abit weak,
while all the other models of Typhoon has gotten some really nice reviews - but how will it fare with games?

Lastly if u look at the picuters of the cables from the link I gave, thers a green, red and white. Now the manual to my X-fi says theres supposed to be a green, black and yellow - does this mean anything?

My currnet 5.1 only got a red and white, and it really dosent work at all
The Typhoon system would would work just fine and you can probaly tune the sound more with the Typhoon vs the Logitech and you could hook the typhoon up through the Ac-3 inputs on the back with some standard miniJack to RCA connectors
might need this and answers the question on hooking it up
Soundblaster hometheater link
ah yea now were talking - so the Typhoon is the better choice? even if not meant for games? I really dont know that much about sound - exept what sounds good and not... :-S

btw, IIRC I read some about "magnetic shielding" to insure health of hardware, well the Typhoon dosent have that (not stated anyways) - so what kind of features to look for? Any rule of thumbs?
Typhoon is better choice because you can connect more things simultanously like an mp3 player, stand-alone DVD and your sound card. That's how I understand the specs. With X530 you simply connect a sound card and that's it.
However if you do not need extra inputs and the remote control don't bother. Also: everyone talks bass, but how much of it can your neighbours handle? Or you one of these lucky guys rancho dwellers?
Okey - will ONLY be using it for my computer - and mostly music and games, movies also but most importantly they must be versitile: That aside, I've dumbed the logictech and insted its now down to still either the Typhoon or my new contestor, Creative Inspire T6060 - which I've heard alot of good things about.
Now connection is no longer a problem- I just gotta find out which is better.

I REALLY REALLY ReALLY cant decide! I've heard alot of good things about the Inspire and Creative, but other then that everything points in Typhoons direction - heck even the price is tagged to "777" (danish kr.)

(just a comparision

14 Watts 5x satelite
29 Watts Subwoofer
Satellite frequency response: 130Hz-20KHz
Distortion: 0.3% at 1W 1KHz
S/N Ratio: >85dB

Inspire T6060
72 Watt
8 Watts RMS per channel (4 channel)
18 Watts RMS center channel
22 Watts RMS subwoofer
Satellite frequency response 40Hz ~ 20kHz
S/N Ratio 80dB

The Main difference between the two would be the frequency range, and the fact that the Typhoon has no center, but does have two tower front satelites.
So all in all, which is most important to succed in for a speaker? I personally like loud bangs all around, and I suppose the bigger frequency range the more bass for the satelites rights? but then again the Typhoon got more watts for its satelites.

The Typhoon is tadmore expensive, I suppose u get x amount of more quality by that? (of course that could also just be for the design) - another one for Typhoon

And of course, the design of the Typhoon is amazing (aswell as the name)
hi there

Your shift from Logitech to Creative doesn't change much....

I mean well and good you decide rather for 6060 then for x530.
6060 are newer, have better controls and design and I would recommend them over x530.

As for Typhoon this looks more versatile to me. You have remote, multiple connections etcetera. It might be an overkill for just PC, on the other hand you might decide to connect other sources to it, in future.
Can't comment on quality of sound. Perhaps try to listem to them in a store.
Heck, it is really up to you.

One more thing:
Don't be bothered about the specs, basically all these specs tell you NOTHING. Unfortunatelly this is a common practice with any reasonably priced speakers. Just to avoid long rant on why all these specs tell you NOTHING let me point out one thing: all specs have to be quoted with reference points and weightening curve used. Even if quoted properly you can't excatly compare specs unless they use the same references or you know how to calculate one into another. Without this it is garbage.

Nontheless speakers can be very good for the price. I still use 5.1 Inspire set and it is amazingly good. I have JBL bookshelf speakers, too, and honestly, inspire are not worse then these 2 higher spec'd ones. Considering 6060 are like 3 years younger then my set I'd say you can't go wrong with them.
Good Luck.
Bought the T6060 and they sound well how shall I put it, AWFULL! Sounds like they are underwater or covered in [censored]ows (donno the exact term for it) but its like when u are driving up a hill and u get this presure on your ears - thats how they sound.

The bass is pretty good and the sound itself is amazing, it just dosent come out right.

So it would appear that my 6 year old "5.1 stereo" beats the hmhm out of a somewhat newer Creative...

Now what? I can just give the speakers back to the store and get a full refund (yes they offer that on all hardware) but then I'll be at an even worse point then when I started this thread.

I live in Denmark(scandinavia), so well we havent actually gotten into this "technology" age yet, so Its unlikely I'll find a store which sells decent speakers.

What to do?

strange thought, they got such good reviews and yet they are so bad...
You have to realize that people that review PC speakers don't usually have a clue about hifi audio, or what sounds good for that matter. Your 6 year old stereo will more than likely sound better than most PC systems. Just look at the size of those drivers in the Creatives. 1"? 1.5"? My front speakers have tweeters bigger than that, and the main driver is bigger than the subwoofer in that system. Not to mention how bad the speaker enclosure is designed, looks like they rather impress with the looks (marketing) than sound. Make a post at AVSforum about why the T6060 sound so bad. You'll get some good info. I'm sorry you got bad advice and purchased them already, but good thing you can still get a refund.
Well, yall did help alot. And now I've also maneged to tweak the "[censored]low" effect away. Think I'll keep em though, if I can find some sort of extension cable for the rear speakers, the stock cable only being 4 m.

Proplem is that the cable is attached to the speaker and can't be removed - so I'd need a cable from rear speaker cable end and to the subwoofer.

I'm pretty certain I saw one their site, now I just can't find it...

btw venom - not that much a hifi geek, did do a search on a set of Swan speakers, in Denmark, though just for the heck of it, while selecting speakers - nothing - just not possible to get higher end tech here... lol.
I have the Gigaworks G500 pro gamer. i have onboard HD sound so i didnt do a sound card.
this baby rocks. (even with onboard sound)

The GigaWorks ProGamer G500 was designed to be an awesome gaming speaker system. A THX Certified 5.1 system rated at 310 Watts total RMS power, its combination of raw muscle and technical sophistication will blow you away.

The performance-tuned ProGaming subwoofer dwarfs the competition. It combines a huge 8" front-firing long-throw woofer for chest-thumping low end, and Twin Flared DynaPorts" to maximize airflow for cleaner, bigger, and more evenly dispersed bass. And there's an auxiliary input on the back of the sub to easily connect an MP3 player, letting you listen to your own music while gaming.

Each performance-tuned ProGaming satellite speaker has a 3" full-range driver and a Flared DynaPort" for extended lower-midrange sound. It also combines a keyhole wall mount, speaker wire spring clips, and an industry-standard "-20 connector for use with speaker stands and wall mount hardware.

The PowerTouch" wired controller has premium features like mute, independent level adjustment and CMSS" upmix (from stereo to 5.1).

Technical Specifications

310 watts total RMS power
- Front : 36 watts RMS per speaker (x2 speakers)
(Measured @ 8 ohms @ 10% THD @ 180Hz to 20kHz, two channels driven)
- Rear : 36 watts RMS per speaker (x2 speakers)
(Measured @ 8 ohms @ 10% THD @ 180Hz to 20kHz, two channels driven)
- Center : 36 watts RMS
(Measured @ 8 ohms @ 10% THD @ 180Hz to 20kHz, one channel driven)
- Subwoofer : 130 watts RMS
(Measured @ 6 ohms @ 10% THD @ 35Hz to 150Hz, one channel driven)

620 Watts Total Peak Power

Overall Frequency Response: 35Hz to 20kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 85dB
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