now that the price of AMD x2 has dropped, i prefer to get one. but my friend told me that he had read a review saying that intel pentium D 805 is supperior than the x2? is this true guys?
IMO no. Get a Intel Core 2 aka Conroe. They are much better in terms of price/performance raio.
Yes, definitely YES. If you are looking to spend more than 200 that go for Core 2 Duo. They are way better than anything else out there.
But, as you mentioned D 805 that like under 100 $s. If you want to stay in that range then D 805 is the best option as you cant get a dual core AMD under 100. They start at around 150.
Obviously a $150 X2 will give better performance than a $90 D 805. But then a $230 E6300 will give you wayyyyy better performance. From what I am reading around... You can overclock it a LOT.
thanks! so the AMD x2 is better than Pentium D 805-820... im learning from you guys thanks!
Currently Intel pwns AMD I would suggest u go with conroe. But the Pentium D 805 is an overclocking GOD. And it's like $105
New here.......but I was eager to throw my 2 cents in on this one.

There are a few things you should consider before deciding.

First, if you decide to make the jump to conroe, a lot of people are already complaining they can't overclock very high. Now that all depends on which conroe you get and which motherboard you buy. In order to have a conroe that you can overclock to anything noticable, you will have to put some real money into a motherboard. You will also have to invest in some overclocking memory, probably at least DDR2 800mhz. The reason for all of this is that the conroe default FSB is already at 1066 and the multipliers are generally lower than we are used to and they are also locked on everything except the core 2 extreme. So in order to get a noticable overclock, you will need a motherboard that will handle an overclocked FSB of 1300-1400 or more. That, with the new memory will cost you some serious bucks. My gut tells me to wait a while till there are more boards available and more real world results to look at. Most everything people have been looking at up till now have been engineering sample overclocks that do not represent the real world, but they are great to create the market frenzy I see now.

Next, the Pentium D 805. There are a lot of great stories out there about it. Toms Hardware made everyone believe you could plug it in and expect it to run 4.0ghz out of the box. Reality is that the default FSB on the 805 is 533 and even if you get it to 4zgh, you will only be running the FSB at 800. That would be a very good overclock, but once you get to about 3.4ghz, you have to seriously increase the vcore. That immediately puts it into the water cooling arena. I've talked to people who thought the big typhoon would be enough and by the time they got to 3.8ghz, even the big typhoon couldnt handle it. By that point they were up around 1.5 vcore (dangerous to say the least) and they had to think about installing water cooling to go any higher.

Finally I will put my pitch in for a Pentium D 900 series.

If you want to wait for the Conroe Frenzy to settle out and for the prices to drop, then take a look at what I did. I have a $80 ECS C19-A SLI with a Pentium D 920 2.8ghz installed with a Scythe Katana 775 air cooler. The pentium 900 series uses much less wattage than the 800 series, thus being much cooler.
I have it overclocked up to 1066FSB 3.73ghz on air with the voltage at 1.3v. The memory is corsair VS 2x512 running at 566mhz at 2.0v. The system screams and if I had a little better motherboard, would go much higher. Oh yeah, the pentium D920 oem cost me $90 by the way. Sure, maybe the conroe superpi times kick my ass, but you couldnt tell from using the system. I do lots of video processing and I ran 4 instances of video redo to remove the commercials from full length mpeg movies and I ran them at the same time. There was no lag and everything is lightening fast.

My final recommendation for those wanting conroe would be to wait untill the Nforce5 for intel chipset hits the street. That is what I am doing and this system is more than needed until then.
Andy - that is a great pic Alll Riiight!

As for the intel vs amd on the cheap, I'd say it could go either way. At the extreme low end on either side there exist sub $200 procs. The sub $200 procs both oc well if you have other components up to the task. There's no reason to consider ANY pentium processor - so let's not go there (and for the record, no the pentium D series had a run as a cheaper alternative to the x2's original lineup, but the 3800+ slotted in to compete nicely).

If you are buying a total platform, beware that the intel mobos will cost a lot more, and if you're looking to buy an amd mobo, just buy AM2.

for intel go with the E6300 :
Pros - fast. cheap. OC's well. OC's VERY VERY well.

Cons - how much life is left in this socket w/o the need for a new mobo/memory? Hard to guess but probably no more than 7-8 more months. Mobos tend to be a bit more expensive than the AMD side of things, especially if you want to OC. In 64 bit, this processor takes a pretty large performance hit.

For AMD go get an x2 3800+
Pros- reasonably fast and pretty darned cheap. True 64 bit performance w/o any compromises. Expect at least 18 months of upgrades on the new am2 platform. Goofily fast (but not useful yet ) memory bandwidth.

Cons - not as fast as the intel conroe in almost any application.

So the question breaks down to what do you have now, what are you willing to spend, are you looking at something you can upgrade in a year or two and still expect reasonably new cpus to work in?
IMO im loking ahead of the game and looking for what i can get that would be amazing (not as amzing as the conroe) but will get me where i need to go. im going to go with the AM2 deal myself because the upgrades, like silet said, are pretty close to 2 years. and after that when AM3 comes out i will alreasdy have the mobo and mem and id just need to up the processor. plus the AM3 will be able to support both DDR2 and DDR3 when it comes out. and we cant forget the on-die mem controller.
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