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Short version -
My Asus A7M266-D won't post, and after searching high and low for a replacement, i'm starting to look at upgrade options.
Dual processors is a must (2x2 dual core, dual proc support would be really nice though.) but here's the thing - I need an AGP slot, and at least one old school pci slot for my IDE raid card. Suggestions are most appreciated.

Longer version -
Alright, I used to watch this stuff pretty good, but work's gotten in the way lately. I do a lot of CG work and video editing (SD now, planning to move to HD soon), and i'd really like to get this computer up and running soon. I was looking at the Tyan Thunder K8W (S2885), and getting one dual core for now, a second one later - but dang - that crap is expensive. The only other one that i've found that would really work is the regualar K8W, and it doesn't support dual core, which is ok, but not the greatest - plus they both require registered ram, of which i don't have any.

If you have any suggestions as to motherboards, i'd be greatly appreciative.