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Hello all ,

I Borrowed a friend of mines monitor with a built in mic. I went ahead and tried it out but it had alot of static. I then went ahead and purchased a USB headset with a mic and the static has cleared up but still seems to be a little bit there. the headset im using is plantronics game com 1 pro headset for gaming and i heard its a very good one. ive heard other poeple using them and there is now static when they talk so I know i can get rid of it. I recently picked up a SB audigy from E-bay used and it seems to work great but maybe somthing is wrong with it and thats why im getting the static? My main question is does a USB headset with a mic even rely on a sound card? If it doesnt Im not sure how i can fix it.

system specs
AMD athlon 3000+ (fan kinda loud)
1gig ram
SB augigy gamer
Doesn't even use the sound card. Does everything w/ the CPU so apps & games will run slower. USB Mic/headphones are usually very bad in general, but your always going to get static unless you use a professional quality set which run upwards of $400.
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