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Ok we have all seen linux users flawlessly and gracefully use there machines with shortcuts galore and all the tricks of the trade allowing them to do in fractions of seconds to what takes us seconds.
This is cause Linux is designed for Power Users. Wrong, Windows has many shortcuts too!

Anyway I thought a thread where we all talk about cool shortcuts would be handy.
If somebody shows an easy one I will add it to basics.

Basics-You probably know these off the back of you hand but anyway. We have to start somewhere.
Ctrl+S- Save or send depending on application. Send in outlook and browsers save in Word and notepad.
Ctrl+P- Print, a simple no brainer.
Ctrl+Alt+Del- If you have to ask get off these foums
Ctrl+C - Copy .
Ctrl+V - Paste.
Ctrl+X -Cut.
Ctrl+Z - Undo.
Ctrl+Y -Redo.
Alt+F4- Close Window

Novice (Win = Windows Key)
Alt+Pint Screen- Copies just the open window.
Shift+Del- Bypass recycle bin when deleting.
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel -changes font no matter what application.
Alt+D -places cursor in address bar.
Ctrl+-Left Click for multiple selections.
Ctrl+-Right Click for list selections.
Win+D- Minmises open window press again to maximise those windows.
Win+M Minimise windows.
Ctrl+A select all.
Clrl+Left Arrow - Back.
Ctrl+Right Arrow - Forward (These two are hand for laptops) .
F2- Rename.
F5- Refresh (handier than you think).
Alt+Tab-select different window.
When dragging files
Shift- Forces Move.
Alt-Creates Shortcut.
Ctrl- Creates Copy.
Ctrl+Shift+Esc- Opens task manger, better than Ctrl+Alt+Del sometimes.

Semi Advanced
When opening a folder with thumbnails hold Shift to not view the names. Do again to view the names.
Win+Pause- Open System Properties.
Win+L- Lock Computer.
Win+E- Opens My Computer.
Win+R - Shortcut to Run. *

* If you find you don't use the Windows Run and consider yourself and expierenced user you should get using it. It can be very handy. Watch, hit Win+R then type "firefox" and magically firefox opens. Now I'm 100% you have a desktop icon of firefox. After all it may be your most used program. But not everybody wants a huge amount of desktop icons on their desk becuase eventually with enough icons it takes longer and longer to find each icon. But this time type "Word" and funnily enough word doesn't open. Create a shortcut of "Word" and rename Microsoft Office Word 2006 (press F2) to just "word" now hit Alt and E opens up My Computer go to Windows folder and open up System32 and place the shortcut in there.
Now Win+R again but this time type "word" and word opens.
This can be very handy when opening up applications that you would often have to look through in All Programs.
Some commands that already exist .
sol = solitare.
calc = calculator.
notepad = notepad.
cmd = command line.

For example I have
css = Counter Strike: Source.
fc = Far Cry.
eclipse = Eclipse.

I read another similar thread on another webpage and this inspired me to create this thread. I didn't know some of these commands till today. But trust me once you start using a shortcut after a while you literally can't go back. Also if anyone posts anymore cool trick I will rob them and stick them up here.
I use the Alt+Tab a lot when I have multiple windows open....I find it very handy and use it ALL the time. Mostly for when im surfing and receive an IM or if I should have firefox and IE open or if I am looking to not use the mouse for a while
Thanks for the list Dev. I found a few I had no idea existed. But I do use run a lot. I usually just keep and command prompt open at all times and use Alt+Tab, then enter the program I want. Since I have no desktop icons, not even my recycle bin, it makes things very much faster. Ctrl+Shift+Esc, thats a new one for me. At school to logon you need to do Ctrl+Alt+Del, but now I can do it one handed. And please, firefox? 😛 Opera man, Opera. It's even faster for your already very fast ways. Thanks again for the list.
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Dev come on man you forgot the most important shortcut ever. Alt-F4 is used to close applications as well as let you shut down your computer. I use alt-f4 more than any other key combo.

Other than that good list of kb shortcuts.
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Thanks for pointing it out Drago. It just slipped my mind. If anybody else has shortcuts they wish to add please post here or pm me. I'm really starting to love the idea of being able to type the name of a program I want to run in "run" it's so much faster than looking for a shortcut. Whenever I want to open up Day of Defeat: Source I literally Win+R and type "dods".