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I have a Pentium 4 2.8 ghz
Radeon 9800 pro
1 gig pc3200 corsair memory

120 gb hdd.

my comp like glitches in some games, it will sometimes randomly jerk, the graphics i mean.

i don't know what i am doing wrong, my buddy has a crappier computer than me and his games run faster,

i have ran a full disk cleanup, disk defrag, i have no viruses either, someone help me.
Update your drivers for your graphics card and check to see how many background tasks you have running by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del then going to the processes tab, and see what's running.
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I have the latest. Any other suggestions?
Super Dave
Try this FREE website: PCPitstop.com. Do a little studying to find out how their utility works, and then click on FULL PC TUNE-UP. It will tell you a lot about your system, and offer many helpful tips, xGame.

Go to Performance tab and say what shows the PF Usage meter,

Do you use any antivirus
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i don't know what i am doing wrong, my buddy has a crappier computer than me and his games run faster,

Before anyone can help you first tell us a couple of things. What games are you running? What settings are they set at and whats your friends computer spec?
He may have a less powerful computer but if he is running things with Anti Aliasing and Antriscopic Filtering turned off he may have a better framerate. How bad is it exactly? Is the game unplayable or are there just a couple of artefacts or is it just an occasional slowdown when an explosion happens. The more information you give (provided its structured and clear) the faster we can help you.
Are you playing online? If so, you are experiencing lag. If not, then it could be a number of things. Could be an overheating graphics card, could be a process in the background guzzling up CPU usage. If you need to clean up your drive, download CCleaner (google for it). That'll sort any unused registry entries out. Try running 'msconfig' from the start/run menu. You can see what applications automatically start on boot. Uncheck anything that is not essential for the operation of Windows or your graphics card/sound card and virus/firewall etc.

More info would be good.
If you can...reformat your whole computer (back up important files first as you'll lose everything), install all the latest drivers for all your components, and do not install antivirus programs and don't run anything unnecessary in the background. I know some people have a lifetime on their hard drive and it's hard to put on a portable hard drive or something so just do this if you can afford to.