I would prefer a mobile based CPU (for less power consumption) and to spend about $600 or links or offer me your used notebooks (with specs plz), i dont care
You should watch the Sunday adds. I got my laptop through Staples for $550 after a $50 rebate. Its a COMPAQ Presario V2000 with combo drive, 512mb ram, 40 gig hdd, and 1.6 sempron.

I was looking into used Laptops at the time, and they sell for a lot. I couldn't find one that was worth the money. Your best bet will most likely to find one on sale. I've seen the same deal that I got in Staples Sunday add a few times. I love mine its great, nice and small, light, and widescreen.

There are a couple of deals through COMPUSA that are going on 6/30. There is a Toshiba notebook for $400 after $180 erebate. DVD burner, 40 gig hard drive, but only 256 ram. Ram upgraes are easy though even on laptops.

They also have a realy nice COMPAQ for $600, but thats after a huge $400 rebate.

This should take you to the ad:
That is pretty much what i am doin.....they had a nice deal on newegg for an ABS that had a turion ml-32 i believe, with 512mb of ram, DVD R/RW, 15+" display for just below $800 (after $350 INSTANT savings), but then a day later they changed it to only $250 instant savings
That deal on newegg dosen't sound that great. The Toshiba I told you about that is on sale today has almost the same stuff for half the price. Just needs a RAM upgrade, and that should run you only like $60 if it has 2 128mb stick, and you could sell the old ones on ebay. Its got a Celeron M 380 and a 15.4 inch screen.

A 15.4 inch screen is actually bad in my opinion. The bigger the screen the bigger the laptop. Mine has a 14 inch wide screen. I love it, its small, light, and the screen is plenty big. My Mom has like a 16 wide and its huge and weighs a ton. Of course it all depends where you are going to be takeing it. If its just to work, and you only have to carry it 20 feet twice a day then it doesn't really matter.

On Sunday you should check these stores for there local ciculars, you can get them on their websites too.

Office Depot
Best Buy
Circuit City
Office Max

Most of them have huge Rebates though, but I've had luck with Staples.

OK I just got done looking through some of the Sunday ads, and there are a ton of sales this weeked. Office Depot has 2 laptops under $500 and one at $550, but they have huge rebates. One of them is huge with a 17" widescreen numberpad and 128mb ATI Radeon graphics card. CompUSA has one for $400 thats almost just like mine, Bestbuy has one for $500 without any rebates, but it doesn't give any details as to whats in it, and one for 529 no rebates with optional $50 upgrade. Circuit City has an ACER for $400 after $150 mail in rebate.

I did this for a couple of months for my cousin. He wanted to buy a laptop, and so I would find him the best deal every week and give him a call. One time I called he asked me if there were any for around $800. I was like , "yeah but there isn't much difference". He never listened to me and bought one for around $850, and I told him about one with the same stuff for $550 several times. He just wanted to pay $300 more for some reason. The point is there is at least one good deal on laptops every week you just got to go through there adds. This week though there are tons.

If you have good credit you could always get a line at the store, and then use your rebates to pay it off. But that can be like opening Pandora's box. A lot of people that I know, whenever they get credit they max it out within a year and then just make the min payment.

Found another one at fry's for $449 no rebates
GQ ZX-5362 AMD Sempron 3000+; 256MB Memory; 40GB Hard Drive; CDRW/DVD-Rom Combo; XP Home; 15"XGA TFT
Outpost #: 4856340

Even newegg has laptops starting at $500
I will not buy a Celeron CPU.....ever. I would prefer either a turion, Pentium M, or Centrino based. But yeah I will check out those deals you mentioned, Thank you for your help

P.S. I would pry like a 15-15.4" screen just cuz it seems like an ideal size as to where u don't have to squint to read the screeen AND its not so huge that it makes the laptop less mobile....IMO anyway
You can find ones with Turions for around $550 after rebates. The one at Office Depot for $550 has a Turion, but the in store price is $779.99.
Thanks have been more than helpful here Have a happy 4th (if ur from the U.S.)

So Davo, are you gonna do that flag idea Dev came up with?
GQ ZX-3310 AMD TURION MT-30 for $499 at Fry's

* AMD Turion 64 Technology MT-30
* 15.4" WXGA TFT Screen
* 256MB Memory
* 40GB Hard Drive
* CD-RW/DVD-Rom Combo Drive
* Microsoft Windows XP Home
* 1-Year Limited Warranty

I found this when looking though this Sunday's ads (July 9/06). This is the cheapist I have seen a laptop with a Turion. You would probably want to upgrade the RAM though. Plus no rebates.