I recently bought a Inno3D 7900GT 256mb gpu that I am very happy for... But it is making some strange stuff sometimes, like when I ran 3dMark06 looped 3 times then when the Deep Freeze test starts , ths screen is filled with lines, dots and stuff. The same thing happens in 3dMark01 with test 16 (the horse) the screen is filled with coloured dots and freezes... ?... And in Oblivion it can make the same thing?...
What is this? And can I fix it?... I can get a new one where I bought it, but is that necessary?
I tried the ForceWare 84.21 and beta 91.31 but it's the same with both drivers:S

hey, is the card pre-overclocked, or user-overclocked at all? this is a widely reported problem, and one that i myself have encountered. mine is going back tomorrow, for a replacement, and if at all possible, i advise you do the same. google 7900GT freezes, and see if you can find out more.
I don't think it is pre oc'ed, but I trid to oc it myself... But just 1mhz up, and the screen was filled with coloured dots and so:\\... So no it ain't oc'ed...