Well my pc's started bein weird, the screen will randomly go into standby, the hard-drive shows constant activit for about 30 seconds, then nothing. The pc stays on, and have to power-off then on again (reset doesnt work). Any ideas? I'm thinking its the PSU or the Motherboard...
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To be honest it could be PSU, Motherboard, HD or graphics card... or anything else!

Does it happen at a particular time? Under heavy HD or power loads? Heavy graphics loads?
you would happen to have a abit mb would you?
hi sorry didnt realise there were any replies lol (email notification not working...)

No i dont think it happens at a particular time. It's completley random, and when it happens, it does it a few times in a row. If i unplug all my USB devices it stops doing it for a little while

I have a PCchips motherboard
Der Meister
when was the last time you cleaned you case. im thinking heat on the vid card maybe
cleaned it? well i opened it recently and blew out all dust etc..

video card may be overheating?
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That doesnt sound like a hardware issue to me at all, but a software conflict. Since this just started happenting i would bet that there is some sort of conflict with your vid drivers and windows power management. If you go to the screensaver tab under display properties and then go to power and select none for all options and the problem doesnt come up then that is your problem.

Have you changed any hardware or installed any new software recently right before this probem occured?
Yea all power options are set to none, i've looked into that.

But it doesnt go into actual standby mode, the screen goes on standby, then the hard-drive and cd-drive spin up for about 20 seconds, then nothing, cant get windows back up. also if an mp3 or something is playing then it stops, and if i press reset while its in this state the hard drive just shows activity again.

if i want to get the pc going again i have to hold the power button for 5 seconds, then turn on again
I have the same problem with my computer, but it happens shortly after i log on windows. and it just happend like 5 times
good job resurrecting a 4 month old thread. please stick to topics more recent aight?