Well finally got In With The Out Crowd today, to be precise the special edition version, which comes in a leather book and includes a DVD and CD-R with 318 images, 26 mp3's 10 videos and wallpapers etc.

I just finished listening to all the songs through and as I did, I made some brief comments on each song:

Soundtrack of My Life: Lively paced pop punk song, vocals are a mixture of Chris and Roger at same time on verses and chorus with Chris alone at times on the chorus. Lyrics are pretty damn good, the sort of lyrics that you can relate to as with some other Less Than Jake songs (The Science of Selling Yourself Short and Gainseville Rock City spring to my mind).

A Still Life Franchise: Sharp, ska track that is perfect for skanking too but breaks into punk for the chorus. Chris vocals this one.

Overrated: Hard, fastish pop punk song. Perfect for a good mosh! No horns though in this song, it really is pure pop punk. Chorus is pretty beefy and the lyrics rock. Vocals by Chris.

Fall Apart: Another punk pop track, and Roger takes the lead Vocals. Kind of a medium pace track I would say with a bit more meatiness to the guitars than some of the other tracks. Bass and the lower notes seem to prominate the verses while it moves up in the chorus.

In-dependence Day: Another fast punk song, Roger takes the lead vocals on this one, not sure about any horns but its a lively song, definitly one that you could dance in your room to. Vocals are mixed well, Chris and Roger's voices mix well on the chorus.

Don't Fall Asleep On the Subway: This is a pop punk track with plenty of horns chucked in for a nice blend (like Bells whisky). Not a fast paced track but plenty of bounce in my opinion to it. Chris leads vocals on this one.

Landmines and Landslides: Another punk pop song, this time vocaled mainly by Chris but Roger takes chorus. Good guitar use in this song and picks pace on the lead guitar with the chorus but is slightly slower on the verses.

The Rest Of My Life: Vocaled by Chris. Kinda slow, rock song with good lyrics. Almost like a relax, chill and reflect track. Has some pace to it but it doesn't go too quick for the emotion in the song.

Mostly Memories: Fast paced lively track using those horns well on the intro. Yet another Roger track (hey I don't mind, love his voice). This is kinda similair to borders and boundaries in that this track is a punky one, yet features the horns alot too.

Let Her Go: Another ska track, with a lively pace mixed up with some punk. Horns feature on the chorus in a slightly subtle way but too good effect. Chris vocals with Roger aiding on the chorus.

Hopeless Case: Slow rock song. Subtle use of the horns giving a good gentle blend. Vocals aren't as harsh as some other LTJ songs and are a bit more soothing. Main vocals by Chris.

P-S Shock the World: Bouncy, ska track with punk based chorus, good vocals and plenty of horns. Gentle pace. Main vocals by Chris.

Overall this is a great album, plenty of life and bounce just a bit more pop-punky than previous stuff.

Well worth the $40 inc. airmail shipping it cost me to get it.

9/10 is the award given.
airmail? why so?
Cos I cudn't pre-order in the UK ^_^

Plus by using Fuelled by Ramen for my pre-order I also get a free poster coming
nice review, punk really isn't my thing though. i used to be a big Blink 182 fan though back in the day. Tool/ A Perfect Circle pretty much rule on every musical aspect for me.

i still can't believe you paid $40 USD for a music cd with a poster. next time tell me and i'll go grab it and shoot it over to you. lol. how much was it without shipping?
damned if I can remember but I think the shipping was about $9
WOW 40 dollars is a huge rip lol. but i do have to say LTJ kicks ass.... I havent heard much of the new stuff, but im guessing its worth it because you are not upset with the huge price lol... I woulda just make a copy of a friends if thats what they were chargin lol
That also included shipping from US to UK remember.......