My AMD Duron 700 i want to overclock. How do you overclock it, is there an option in the bios, or is it something to do with the motherboard and adjusting some switches
These are my understandings and if I give you any bad info please excuse me as I've only gotten into Oc'ing in the last year.

Oc'ing is a simple or as hard as you make it. The two main things are the FSB ( front side bus) and the Multiplier. You also have voltage controls for your Cpu and Ram.

Basically the multiplier multiplies your cpu by the speed of the FSB, however if you push your FSB too far the system becomes unstable. The best results are a combination of increasing fsb and multiplier functions and fine tuning it with voltage controls.

Before jumping in understand that you should move slowly and go in steps. Make adjustments to 1 setting at a time and don't make drastic moves.

My first moves where to lurk in furoms such as these and checked out sites like,, [censored] and of course Hot There are a lot of papers on the basics and once you have a general idea as to what is going on then you can get into the specifics such as your duron/mobo/ram combo and the rest of your system.

Understand that making adjustments to your system to make it faster have trade-offs. Excessive heat, unstability(if you push it to far), shorter life span of components etc. This is a lot like hopping up your Honda Civic to get vast improvements of acceleration and handling, just remember your not going to be able to drive that hopped up Honda as long as a stock one.

If you want your machine to last you 5 -7years don't fool around with it. If however you'll be upgrading (like I do) every year or so, then knock yourself out.

Learn before you leap and then take a lot of little hops.

Dennis :cool: