i need to order one soon, and PC gamer UK reccommends this board. what do you guys think? and whats the difference between the normal, the delux and the premium a8n-sli?
there's a couple differences like passive cooling and some extra features.
but the delux is a good board then?
the only complaint i can recall about that board is the chipset fan. I heard that it is kinda loud and had a tendacey to go up. asus may have resolved this issue though. Asus also has a very good forum where you can speak to many people who specificly have that board or search through and see what kind of problems people have had. Keep in mind though unless you see the same problem over and over again for that specific board than it's probally not a common thing so don't be worried if you see alot of negative comments in will find that on any manufacturer's forum as most of the people that go there are trying to resolve issues they had.It doesn't mean those issue's are common.
right, i just got myself the asus a8n-sli deluxe, and that should go nicely with my 7900GT which arrived yesterday. i'm going to whack my A64 3500+ and 2GB PC3200 in there too. should be a lovely little machine
sounds awesome, have fun!
cheers man, much appreciated
i ordered the mobo yesterday lunchtime, and it arrived this morning. when i saw the size of hte box, i was so suprised. ive never seen anything like it before. it took me 10 minutes to find the motherboard, it was under literally 20 different accessories that came bundled with it. brackets for about 30 usb and firewire ports, more SATA cables than i can count, and an SLI link card, oh, and some stuff i have never even seen before! i dont know when im going to put it together, but it looks awesome, so im sure i wont be dissapointed. i have a few questions though guys...

firstly, the copy of xp pro im using was only installed recently (certainly less than 120 days ago. now with all of this stupid verification jazz going on, if i drop a new mobo and video card into my system without a clean install am i going to have to telephone microsoft? im using a genuine version of xp pro, but its from my dads office, so i cant be 100% sure its not already installed on another machine.

secondly, should i backup my work, and do a clean install of windows because its such a big change to the system? its a different version on nForce for a start (4 instead of 3) so the PC may not even boot, right?

thirdly, is there anything else i should know? i have a few different xp pro codes, all but one genuine, but i cant be entirely sure they arent installed on any other computers, is this going to pose a problem?
your gonna have to do a fresh install of the os. i had the same issue when i switched mb's.
i suspected that, but i just experimented anyway, and just switched the mobo and gfx for my new ones. and would you believe it, it worked! I spent a couple of hours removing old drivers, and updating the new ones, and a couple of programs had to be reinstalled, but its working great. not a single crash, 3dmark 06 is reporting double the score, and gaming at max settings is superb!. im really happy with it all. i had to validate windows again, with a different code, as it said my existing one couldnt be registered again!
"it was under literally 20 different accessories that came bundled with it"

Yes I agree. I have the Premium version and the mobo box is packed with all sorts of stuff. 8 SATA CABLES!!!
I would have gone with the Premium series because of the complete silence withs its passive cooling. Some fans on motherboards get pretty noisy after a while.
I reckon ASUS makes the best motherboard

EDIT: BTW sam, what how many watts is your PSU?
I just got the plain SLI board. The only difference is its cheaper, does not have the extra 4 1.5 SATA, and only 1 LAN insead of 2. There is a problem with the chipset fan, and most likley you will have problems with it. I ordered the Swiftech MCX159-CU 40mm Chipset Cooling Fan/Heatsink the same day that I ordered my board. This is probably the best chipset fan/heat sink available, and The ASUS SLI boards are the only SLI boards that it will fit, and you can still run SLI, and this is the only 3rd party chipset cooler that I know of that will work with an SLI board. They have a pic of it installed with 2 huge cards at there site. You will have to pull your mobo out to install it, and it is a little pricey $35 USD, but definetly worth it. There are tons of review out there about it, and they all say it works great.

The swiftech didn't help, it still burnt out on me. There was some strange black goop on the chipset that caused a short. Now my rig is down until I get anothe board. After I bought the board I found a bunch of reviews that had really baad things to say about this board. I'm not to happy with mine. I'm going to RMA it to ASUS, and if they replace I'll sell it on ebay.
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