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I was planning on getting the Thermaltake 500wPSU but i waswondering if this would be enough for this
Mobo: DFI Lanparty UT Nf4 Ultra-D
Proccessor: AMD Opteron 165 Plainning on Overclocking
Graphics: If i can get my parents to get a 7900GTX if not I'llget a 7900GT
Im gonna have lots of fans and and fan controller
Maybe a Hardcanoe
Or if u could reccommend me 1
Im gonna get a ThermalTake Armor
sounds like a good system, the hardcanos are nice controllers. that psu is well enough for your rig, so youre fine there. overall, good choices, might want to think of a hs/f for the cpu for overclocking, i recommed the zalman cpns9500.
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