"asus P5ND2 SLi deluxe VS ASUS P5N32 SLi deluxe"

which one performs well? and what do you think is worth buying? can you give me some information regarding this two motherboards from ASUS. thank you so much!!!
The main difference between P5ND2SLI deluxe and P5N32 SLI deluxe that I've found is the SLI itself. P5ND2 has only SLI Pci-x 16 and when you use 2 VGA card it only gives you 8 each, while P5N32SLI can purely gives you 16 for each VGA card. Or something like that if I'm not mistaken. It is better for you to buy P5N32SLI than P5ND2SLI.
Der Meister
Well He is right about the PCI-E speeds. there is a diffrence in SLI mode only. If you plan on running in SLI then the P5N32SLI would be better but not by much. the diffrence between 8x and 16x in SLI is neglabel at the moment. Personally i would go with the P5ND2 SLI simply becasue it cheeper and i dont care much about running in SLI mode.