Hey guys im new to this board, i replaced my motherboard alittle while ago and up until now i havent had the nerve to ask someone what is coming CPU fan on my old motherboard which was the factory one in my compaaq desktop worked fine didnt make a sound..i changed the motherboard because i had a problem with it..and the CPU fan is soooooo loud. I was wondering what i should do or if there was anything i could do, I have an Asus motherboard in it right now, but when it the CPU fan was fine it was on the factory motherboard. Help would be appreciated make me sleep better!!! lol
have you plugged the fan into the motherboard cpu fan slot (3 pin)? if not, the fan will default to full speed, thus making it louder.
Are you positive you put it on correctly and screwed it in tight? It could be loose thus causing a racket.
Yup and i just bought a new cpu fan for socket 478 put it in..still loud noise..and it is connected to the cpu fan slot 3 pins
Maybe the motherboard's ramping it up to a faster speed than you're used to (in other words, maybe your old motherboard didn't switch its fan up to higher speeds).

I'm a real noob so I don't know how feasible that is but I guess it's possible.
It is possible buttonman....and I was thinking along the same lines. Basically its the fan controller built in to the mainboard. Your old mainboard may have had it..and kept your fan running slower because it didnt NEED to go faster. Your new mainboard most likely has it too, but you may have to set it in the BIOS to your liking.

Read up in the manual in the BIOS section and see if you see anything about fan control or fan speed.

Good luck.