Hi guys and gals, n00bzors (like myself) and Top Brass!

I'm having some trouble with my Ati 9600 XT. Using the Catalyst Controller Center my card shows it is running at 4X. I switch it to 8X (which is supported by my motherboard) and any game I try to run freezes and crashes. Switching back to 4X and the same game runs smoothly.

Now this annoys me because the motherboard (don't have the model here, I'll post it when I get to work) plainly states it has an 8X AGP slot. Any ideas?

What I've done:
*Installed the latest chipset drivers
*Installed the latest ATI drivers
*Fiddled in the BIOS with AGP aperture trying different settings

What I haven't done:
*Updated my BIOS. (I looked into this but the ASUS page says that it is irreversible and could cause more harm than good, plus on the BIOS release notes for my motherboard there are no mention of AGP slots or graphic issues.

*Could it be my PSU? I have a 300 watt one (which is what is needed according to the card specs) and I don't do any overclocking but still...

Any thoughts community?! A big thanks in advance from Spain!
What motherboard?
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If you are trying to change the agp settings in software that is your problem. To change the agp bandwidth to 8x do so in the bios. Once your set it to AGP 8x in the bios then you can set it in the software in windows.
i had this problem and tried changing the agp to 8x in bios and saved, then when i restarted my computer it had reset back to 4x