What performs better PCI express or AGP? For the most part I've heard that pci expres is somewhat better but I've also heard a little dissent was wondering if anyoen could explain it to me. Also assuming that pci express is better which would I get better performance from 256 pci express or 512 agp ?
One last thing how can you check to see if your computer is equipped w/ pci express?
1. PCI Express has 8GB/s bandwidth while AGP has 2.2

2. Depends on the card.

3. Check the slot inside the computer and post a picture, then we can tell you.
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Install Everest Home Edition (FREE) and run it. It will show you what make/model motherboard you have installed. Post back with that info.
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PCI express tends to perform better in most cases as it doesnt have a "bridge chip". Basically 6 and 7 series are pci native and in order to be able to fit them into agp a "bridge"
was used
although this is true, some cards (including most from ati) have agp native versions, so thats not an issue.
One of the supposed advantages that PCIe was to have over AGP was no need for an additional 12v molex conenctor to assist with power needs.

Hello 7900 GTX! You is a thisty bugger

Again, PCIe is theoretically a better platform over AGP. If you compare direct cards with theiri direct equivalents in each format the supposed advantage of PCIe is slight. Given that this generation of PCIe cards no longer have direct AGP eqivalents, you could say the arguement is mood. However, it is interesting to see the lengths some chip makers/vendors have gone to hype the "moderate" advantages of PCIe over AGP.

If Nvidia were to release another 7 series for AGP I doubt ATi could stand still again.
Ok thanks I checked my system with everest and I'm sure I do not have pci express. Glad to hear that the difference is slight and that I wont be forced to use an inferior card though. Now my main concern is why do PCIe cards seem to be les expensive than their AGP counterparts? This just a retailer thing or does it reflect the manufacturer price?
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PCIe cards might seem less expensive probably because AGP cards are phasing out. Therefore, the less quantity you have, the more you're going to pay for it.
The fastest AGP card is an X850XT PE. The quickest PCI-E card is an X1900XTX (to be fair its level pegging the 7900GTX and it wins about 1 or 2 more tests than the 7900GTX) and both the X1900XTX and 7900GTX blow the X8** series out the water in terms of performance.

Originally posted by: Elsparrow
The fastest AGP card is an X850XT PE.

Not quite... The 7800GS bested the X850XT PE in many areas. Also, ANY 7800GS from ANY vendor will be a top performer. (Although the EVGA CO models are sweet) The X850PE XT was a specific model of the X850 series and was in limited supply even when current. It is no longer produced.

The 7800GS on the other hand, was just released this year along with the 6800GS.

The reason price are so low on the PCIe cards vs. comparable AGP is spectulative. Yeah, AGP is no longer the "leading" format, but it still is the majority. So, the thought of price fixing to sway users over to PCIe isn't so far-fetched.
And this just in....



"It is not rocket science. Gainward 7800 GS Bliss card is the fastest AGP card that we came across. It smashes the competition and it comes with 512MB of memory. This card is definitely going to get you the top performance out of your AGP system."

Nuff said. bye bye ATi.