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Ok its know most of HH uses either firefox or opera.IE users tend to be ignored
Well I thought I create a thread on what extentions/skins we use.
Personally I use
Foxy Tunes-Allows me to play music in my browser via a little panel in the corner(It controls my media player so its like a shortcut so I can listen to music while browsing.
Colourful Tabs-Makes looking at tabs easy to find your way around.
Time Tracker- Records how long I spend browsing.
Minimise to Tray-I have it set in firefox so when I click minimise button it minimises but when I click close minimises to tray.
Answers- When I dont understand a word I hold alt and click it(no need to highlight it).And it opens up a definition in a new tab.
DownTHEMall-Basically a better download manager.
What do you guys use and why? Even little habits like when I am reading a long passage I hit F11 (try it )
IE Tab-Opens up your internet explorer in a tab so you dont have to open up another window.

Interesting. I would really like to use some of them. I haven't really tweaked my FF xpt for making it faster. What is the best place to download the plugins?

you can get em from the official site.
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Yeah you can many here
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I'll list mine in order of useage/usefulness:

Adblock - Completely "porgramable" and will only block ads I tell it to. Can block flash, images or even scripts. You can block pages, directories or entire sites e.g. bocking http://adserver would block all ads from that domain.

IE View - I can open pages in Internet Explorer that look odd or I think aren't functing correctly in FireFox on the right click of a mouse button and selecting from the menu. Can also set a site to always open in IE from FireFox.

Clone Window - Funny one this as I don't use Tabs (bring on the flame). I like the fact that in IE if you open a new browser window it opens the currnt page in the new Window. In FireFox it opens a blank page, this makes it mimick IE.

BookmarkBackup - If FireFox is noturious for one thing it's crashing on rare ocassions and wiping the profile that was loaded. This little extension backs up all your bookmakrs so they aren't lost. I have a funny feeling this may no longer be a problem firefox has though (I've been using it since ver 0.7).

PDF Doanload - Rather than those annoying links where it loads a PDF in a browser window (annoying on older, slower systems) it prompts you to choose to download the file or continue to load it in teh current browser window.

These are on my home PC, I use many web dev extensions at work. Does anyone else keep calling them plug-ins?
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"Does anyone else keep calling them plug-ins"
Aye, I tend to refer to them as plug ins on other forums. I noticed alot of people in HH call em extentions so I did that here.
Yea, I have always refered to them as plug-ins, mostly due to the fact that it is the same way that most sites that i have been to refer to them.
A few more to get that I use personnally
Adblock Filterset.G Updater (if you use Adblock, it autoupdates the white list, very good to stop all popups)
All-In_One Sidebar (A sidebar that allows you to access almost all of the menus, and acts as a built in download tracker)
BetterSearch (more search options, plus thumbnails on search)
Blue Frog SRT (Just get it, a combined sparm reporting system, works with almost every email client [web and system])
Bookmark Tags (changes the way bookmarks work to a tagged/sorted system)
Fasterfox (Auto changes Firefox settings for higher speed, plus enhances prefetching)
IE Tab (like IE View, but IE engine used within Firefox window, with the option to switch back and forth between engines. Opens Micro$uck pages with IE engine)
SessionSaver .2 (Firefox opens to exactly the pages you were on with your last shutdown, reopen closed tabs, and save sessions to open later)
Tabbrowser Preferences (More tab options)
Translate (a google powered translater)
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Clone Window - Funny one this as I don't use Tabs (bring on the flame). I like the fact that in IE if you open a new browser window it opens the currnt page in the new Window. In FireFox it opens a blank page, this makes it mimick IE.

Jordan if you have the tabbed browsing preferences extension you can do the same thing by setting an option to open new tabs with current web page.

I only use Adblock and Tabbed browser preferences. I have done some major tweaking to the firefox engine in about:config to make firefox run like mad on dialup.
I pretty much use adblock/flashblock & google suggest. and oh yeah i add a few search engines like clusty, imdb, musicbrainz and a few others.
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" add a few search engines"
search engines ....other than google.
Tbh google imo is leaps and bounds ahead of all the others.Speaking of the devil do you guys use that google searchbox in the corner or do you do what I do create a new tab and open up a new web page.
"StumbleUpon lets you "channelsurf" the best-reviewed sites on the web. It is a collaborative surfing tool for browsing, reviewing and sharing great sites with like-minded people. This helps you find interesting webpages you wouldn't think to search for."
Fun when bored, found a few fun sites with this.

Session Saver
"SessionSaver restores your browser -exactly- as you left it, every startup, every time. Not even a crash will phase it. Windows, tabs, even things you were typing -- they're all saved. Use the menu to add + remove sessions; right, shift, or middle-clicking will delete. "Simple mode" for peace of mind, or "Expert mode" for advanced flexibility. Just Click. Install. Rad."
I tend to have a gazzilion tabs open for days/weeks when i'm working on something, hassle to reopen them if i need to restart the pc or whatnot.

Download Manager Tweak
"A modification of the Firefox download manager that changes its appearance and allows it to be opened in a separate window, a new tab, or the sidebar."
Emmm, yeah, I have enough stuff open as is, don't need another window to tab through
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StumbleUpon kicks ass Im addicted.Good call bibite.
Web Developer
"Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools."
Very useful for web developers. I can't even describe all the things it does.

"Get international weather forecasts from, and display it in any toolbar or statusbar with this highly customizable and unobtrusive extension."
Yep, I want to know what the weather is like all the friggin time

As a side note, does anyone know of a good auto form filler? I'm currently using Autofil and am not 100% happy with it.
I am using only FleshGot. (making FireFox working with download managers)

But currently downloading

1. Colourful Tabs
2. Time Tracker (very handy plug-in)
3. Answers (with my bad English it will help me alot)
4. BookmarkBackup
5. Fasterfox

And Drago can you post your changes (tweakings), so I can do them too

Great thread Dave 2