Recently, I tried to install windows on a computer I had built. Everything that I had tried didn't work to intsall the OS, and I brought it to Best Buy to wallow in my shame. Even they couldn't get windows to install, and they claimed that I had a faulty hard drive. They actually sent the one that I had in to get fixed by Western Digital, and gave me a different WD 160 GB hard drive, only the one that they had was a SATA drive, and I had an IDE HD. I grabbed the HD off the shelf, not realizing that it was an SATA HD. My motherboard is an ASRock Socket 939 dual SATA mobo, so it does have a SATA port, and when I hook it up and boot up my computer (I am not sure if it is hooked up in RAID or not), my BIOS shows that I have no hard drive installed. Do I need to install any drivers before booting up windows?

I'll be checking this a lot, so any help as soon as possible would be appreciated.
Check that your BIOS is set to run the SATA in IDE form and not RAID.

Also make sure everything is plugged in correctly.
Super Dave