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I am a newcomer to computing and am about to purchase a laptop and desktop computer, ( I do not neccessarily want to communicate between the two) could someone please answer a few questions for me.
1. I am hopeing to go Broadband, I dont think I need an internal modem fitted because my broadband supplier will give me one is this correct, do I need any other cards fitted to receive broadband.
2. I have been looking at the option of using the mains plug in adapters to enable a laptop and desktop to connect to the internet through the mains wiring ( the reason being that one of the computers will be to far away for Wi-Fi coverage, to many walls I believe) does anyone have any experience of these.
3. I believe the plug in adapters connect via an Ethernet cable to a computer, do I require an internal card for this connection as I heard from someone at work that they are connected to there broadband modem with a USB lead.
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1 Indeed the majority of broadband suppliers will give you a modem to which you can connect to your comp via network cable (cat5e) or usb. But I would advise who you plan to go with to check their website first to be sure.
2This is actually expensive having to connect through your mains. How many walls and what will the average distance between the two computers.(approx)? Looking into a wireless network mighnt be a bad idea.
3 As I said in my first reply many modems supplied by the broadband company will offer either usb or ethernet often both.

Hopefully another member can give you advice on the wireless network as I dont know a lot myself.
Tbh the best setup would be to use a router with built in modem and then Cat5e patch cabling from the router to each PC.

The router will mean that you get a permanent connection and if later you wish to network you can (e.g. to share printers).

Cat5e has a range of 100m before packet loss over the cable so its just a case of discreetly wiring it from the router to each PC

If you want any more advice on hardware to use etc, please ask cos we will help in some way
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Hi Dev2 and Elsparrow thanks for the reply, I have been looking into the wireless way of connecting the two computers but from what i have found on here it seems a bit of an unknown quantity of whether it will work and I would not want to buy and then have difficulties.
The distance is approx 20mts but the main concern is the amount of walls, long hall, bedroom, external wall, garage, kitchen and then in to the next room, it is in an annexe.
I have been looking into the Homeplug devices of which I would need 3, one at the site of an ADSL modem router and then 1 each at the computers. The reason I have said 3 homeplugs is because I have a back injury and use the computer on a wheelable desk while laying on my side, therefore I am not close to where the modem router would be.
I pressume I need ethernet cards in both computers?, (because the Homeplugs use this connection) is this different from a network card, if so then would I need 2 of these as well.
Thanks again for the help.
I recommend going with wifi (wireless)
You will buy laptop (preferable with wifi card built in)
Get yourself cable/dsl, they should supply or maybe even install your connection. Buy a router, if they won't include one and just connect their modem to this router. Connect the pc (cat5) to the router and set up the wireless so your laptop could find the network.
Make sure you plug in modem at the correct spot. Read the manuals if you are still confused.

Good luck!
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