I've had these speakers for a little over 2 months now and they have been paired with a Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic soundcard. The two make a VERY powerful combo! I ordered them from Mwave and scored them for $205. When they arrived 4 days later, I was amazed. The packaging that these come in is so large that I couldn't carry it up the stairs, it wouldn't fit, and weighs in at around 61 pounds. (28Kg) So I had to unpackage it downstairs. 4 speakers + center, a control center w/ remote and an absolutely massive subwoofer.

The control center was much larger than I thought it would be from reviews I had read, but it is the key to operating the entire setep. To use this to its full potential, you need a 5.1 sound card so all the channels can be hooked up. It offers several different modes: 6 Ch. Direct, Stereo, Stereo x2, Dolby PLII Movie and Dolby PLII Music. I usually use 6 Ch Direct for music and Stereo x2 for gaming. The other modes don't seem to affect the quality, and are too quiet. But that brings me to the rather large volume ajustment wheel. Spin it only a few times and you have more than 1KW (1010Watts) of output at your fingertips. The volume bar on the LCD is usually only about a 1/4th of the way up for me. Just for kicks, I found some ear plugs and a pair of noise canceling headphones and put on a heavy bass techno song, and turned it all the way up. It cracked the paint on the walls in several rooms and the ceiling in another. I don't quite understand why Logitech would build something with that much power. If you live in an appartment, these are probably not going to be good for you. The quality is excellent even when turned up. The low end is reproduced very well so are the very high levels. It's weakest point is the point between low and mid. By no means a serious problem, but I notice a MINOR ammount of distortion on that level, but maybe that's the crystalizer at work. The remote contol does everything the control center can, and works from more than 20ft away. But one warning which you should heed is to keep the subwoofer as far away from your computer as you can. It contains extremely large magnets, which when powered could erase your hard drives. Besides those two minor faults, the speakers are very astheically appealing. Silver based for the speakers with black dust covers and bodies, except for the center which is all silver besides the dust cover. The control pannel is all silver, except for the screen/button area. The sub is black and has a rather large heatsink on it which gets quite hot after a few hours of use.

In conculsion, these speakers offer amazing performance, but the price will hold back a lot of people. But if you shop around, you can get these for just over $200. I highly recommend this 5.1 Spaker set. It will probably be the highest quality set you will have ever owned!

Here a few pictures: