What are the differences (advantages or dis-advantages) of RAID 0 vs. using Microsoft's Dynamic Disk?
I'm not sure what dynamic disk is (have never even heard of it before)... so I can't answer that question. But RAID 0 is a hardware implimentation that lets you run 2 or more harddrives together, effectively doubling throughput. It's faster than running a single harddrive, but if one of the drives fails you lose ALL the data as half of each file is stored on one drive, and the other half on the other.
Microsoft's Dynamic disck is a way to create a software RAID if your motherboard does not have RAID cpablities or if you don't have a RAID card. Although a lot of RAID cards now a days are just controler cards with a JAVA based software RAID. Dynamic disk is only included in XP pro, and the windows server editions. So it might not even be an option depending on what version of windows that you are running.