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Hello everyone, I am happy to have found you. I have a general question about hardware and hoping that someone might help me.

I bought a laptop today, however, it was not the original laptop I was seeking. I wanted a computer that would allow me to play WoW  so my concern was RAM and the video card.

However, my issue is that I am not well versed in dual processors and the particular laptop I bought has one.

I guess my question is, what are the differences between a dual processor and a regular processor.

The processor in my laptop is: T2300 @ 166 GHZ and I have 2MBs of RAM. So far its running great, and plays wow perfect. I originally was seeking a 3.0ghz.

How does my processor compare to say a 3.4ghz?

The laptop I purchased is a Apire 5670 (acer), I would like to know your opinion.
Well the big difference between a single-core and dual-core processor is throughput. Unless games are specifically written for dual-core (not many at all...don't think WoW is) then a dual-core processor won't let games/apps run any faster, but it will let more applications run at a single time without a slowdown (everyone hates it when a virusscan kicks in in the middle of a game...dual-core minimizes the performance hit.)

Your processor is a Core Duo processor, which cannot be measured by clock speed against the Pentium 4 (which I can infer was your original 3.4GHz mark). The reasoning behind this is that the architectures are different, and a Core Duo has somewhere around a 16-stage pipeline, whereas a Pentium 4 Prescott has a 31-stage pipeline. This means that data has twice the distance to go in a P4 than in a Core Duo, so it needs the clock speeds to stay competitive; however, the Duo doesn't have the same floating-point performance as a P4 because it's meant as a low-power mobile chip rather than a gaming chip. I'd say a 1.66GHz is around a 3GHz P4 (that's just a ballpark figure).

I'm not a huge Acer fan, but on the whole they're alright...I've never heard a complaint about them so I guess they do really well. Of all three configurations your laptop is sold in, all of them are strong, so you got yourself a strong notebook in any respect. The screen, at 15.4", is a little small, but since it's a laptop and you'll be near it all the time, that's not much of an issue. That and a smaller screen makes it lighter and have better battery time. All in all, I'd be happy with that notebook too. It's cool that the new Dual-Core notebook chips are starting to be seen on the market.

Edit: Fixed some typos
With the RADEON X1400 it should play WoW fine, but won't run new FPS games at full settings that fast. The CPU should be fine, like jfr said, the Pentium M (now renamed Core and Core Duo) is about twice as fast per MHZ than a P4 laptop. The dual part won't help you much with games now, but it is very good for using multiple programs at once without any slowdowns.
the core duo is a great proc, and wow will run just fine for you on the video card.
I have x2 3800+ (amd) (STOCK SPEED)
Radeon 9800 PRO 256MB
512MB Ram

I am running Doom 3 at ultra graphics, sometimes it does stop when gaming for like a second or 2 but overall it works great!
Last time I have Celeron processor at like 2.4ghz and it could not ever perform like it does not! Difference is just crazy! Also in that machne I had 1gb ram!
So I think that this has to be the dual core doing it's magic! ))
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