Hi, i am currently attempting to rezurect my roomate's old Compaq presario 1200T laptop so that he can have atleast a bit more functionality then it's current configuration. It currently has a Intel Celeron 633Mhz processor, 66mhz FSB with only 64Mb of ram. I already put in a new ram chip (256Mb), but i wanted to upgrade the CPU to the fullest. In my research online, i have found out that you CAN put a CPU rated for a higher FSB in a Motherboard with a lower rating, but i am not sure how far you can push it due to voltage issues.

So my question is, "Will there be any Voltage issues with putting in a 1.2ghz Tualatin Pentium 3 in my MOBO?"

Big thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction here.
are you sure that laptop supports a tulatin? i mean realistically if the chipset supports a faster FSB they mean 100mhz not 133mhz. also are you sure that the laptop can adequately cool a 1.2ghz tulatin those suckers run super hot.
well, im not exactly sure about the tulatin support, i was hoping that i could get it to work though, i dont see why a 133mhz should give me any more problems than a 100mzh other than voltage (or current) issues. I read somewhere that is is possible to use a cpu which is rated for a higher fsb than a the MOBO its installed on, albeit that you wont be able to harness it's full potential.

As far as coolong goes, here are my thoughts:

-I have already ripped out a broken internal floppy drive to make some room for a nice big fan to aid cooling. (i have an external UBS floppy already so no loss)

-If the CPU's FSB is going to be running at 66mhz (as opposed the full 133mhz) it shoud run cooler than normal anyway. (no?)

As i stated before i am not totaly sure about any of this, these are all just thoughts i have, and i hope i can get a more concrete response on the compatability of the tulatin cpu before i go and buy one. I want this project to go over as cheaply as possible (i also wanna avoid melting the comp) so i guess ill keep looking for more info on the subject...

If you have any ideas, thoughts, concerns, or experience the help would be apreciated.

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