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Check out this what ive read on the register.
kinda weird .i hope Venom doesnt break down and confess he is Jordan or hotshot saying hes enter! :/
even if it isnt true its still a weird story.
the internet is a weird place.
btw im actually davo flame me and ill ban ye. muhahaha

Well I am actually Laggerzero and I just chucked Elsparrow out the window to see if he flies.......
OMG, thats pretty insane. we joke and all, and have little fights here and there...but i don't think any of us would actually kill another. lol. thats pretty F'ed up.

Elsp, what was you addy again...i need to come get, yeah thats it, football!
Thunder Chunks
It all becomes clear....... as Elsp admits to his multi personality disorder

Thats messed up. I wish the links to the threads still worked so I could read them.
Now whats the passoword to my other username...
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".but i don't think any of us would actually kill another"
he didnt kill anyone .he just created another username and posted as someone else to teh extent he gave the other personality(username) a purposley making typos and consistant writing technique and mistakes so it genuinely looked like a real person.
and then he said on teh forums he was going out with this username who had a daughter etc.
and one day she got hit by a car.eventually he broke down and admitted the whole thing was a sham.
also i get the funny feeling we have a similar situation on our forums.
i have a conspiracy theory it was hotshot who actually created i love hotshot.far fetched i know but bear with me and think about it.
I heard a similar story on the telly.

A kid made friends on the internet with another kid, then he was approached by a woman in a chatroom who said she was secret service agent, and convinced him to murder his friend. Turns out the woman and the boy off the internet were the same kid.
he was trying to orchestrate his own murder.

There's some wierd stuff goes down on the interweb.
It was him Dev2. The IP's matched

Which makes me wonder how the hell the mods on Anandtech didn't pick that up?!
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i would imagine because if you post in certain internet cafes all the comps have teh same ips(ip is given out by isp).so its possible that two people who go to that internet cafe post in that forum.etc.
also remember he claimed to be going out with this "chick" so i suppose it would be reasonable to assume they used the same comp/network for posting.

as for it being hotshot.i know i was him.he cracks me up some of the funny borderline stupid stuff he the time he provided a clever link. i think it was this one
You [censored].

Remind me to NEVER click a link where u or hotshot are from now on involved
Interesting, he's profile page says he last logged on, in 2001
Dennilfloss's Profile

And Another thing:

There's a actual Forum Member who enjoys doing just that, and he actually approached to me over mIRC acting as a girl, and it wasn't meant to be as a joke.

Actually He Joined the Forum after I sent him to hell.. and Guess what, with the same Idea to just be around where I am. Not so long ago, he used a different NickName and pretended to be a guy from the States, and continuously try contacting me and appeal to me over mIRC

Some of you know who I am talking about...
Well kids I fear you all are to close. I'm really bobonthecob.
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"Some of you know who I am talking about... "

indeed bigwop has no shame.

as for the story being old i didnt even realise until you mentioned it badboy.but still the story is still weird now.or when i was 13.

Originally posted by: Dev2
indeed bigwop has no shame.

My dear god you just made me choke on my drink with that....

I got no idea who Bad Boy is on about tho :S If he can PM me the answer please do.