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Hi, I'm building a computer for a friend who is planning to use it mainly for word processing and web browsing, with some low-key gaming. I had been planning on using the onboard video (nVIDIA GeForce 6100) on the motherboard I'm getting. I'm getting him a gig of RAM so I thought going with the onboard video would be fine for his purposes. Then I talked to him today and he said that he'd like to get "as far ahead of the curve as possible." I think that means he just wants this computer to work well for awhile. So, do you think I should get a video card so that he'll be able to play the games he wants to in a few years? He doesn't play many graphics-heavy games, mostly real-time strategy. Any thoughts would be great.
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it really depends... if he wants to play ne newer rts games he might want a seperate card....if he is playing like command and conquer etc id say the 6100 would be okay but if he is thinking he wants toplay civXX then he will probably want a seperate card.

If he wants it to last a while and only wants to play rts he could pick up a 9800 for pretty cheap.
Edward The Less
Is the motherboard AGP or PCI-Express?

How much would you be willing to spend on a video card if you were going to get one?

I would say it would be best to get a video card as many onboard video chipsets are just to dang slow to run most games made in the last year to year and a half and many of the newer games will not run at all.

With a video card one of the major pluses is that it has it's own memory instead of useing the system memory.

For the cheapest cards get the one with LESS memory as the ones with more memory for really cheap use slower cheaper memory and are slower than cards with less memory. This is only for the cheaper cards as mid to high level cards use better and faster memory when adding more memory to a lower memory card.