alright heres the deal. my computer wouldnt start one day and i found out my motherboard was fried. so i took it out and got a new mobo and CPU (gigabite mobo and AMD 3200+ 939). installed everything, no problems. hit the power switch, the computer turns on (it didnt with the old mobo and cpu). im exciting for the because i havent had a computer for 2 months. right when im celebrating the thing shuts down around a minute later. i try it again, shuts off 30 seconds later. try it again shuts off about 10 seconds later. turn the back switch off the psu off, wait a minute, turn it back on. stays on for a minute, shuts down. i cant figure out what this could be from. the only idea i have is the psu is overheating and shuts down, but there were no beeps or anything. my cpu temp is around 74 degrees celcious when it shuts down. is that too high? if anyone could help me, that would be very appriciated. thanks a lot in advance.
That temp its a little on the edge if you are not OCing and not doing incorrect ventilation. According to AMD, their processors are supposed to support heat up to 80 degrees(Celsius). It looks like a overheaat somewhere because when you wait for one minute to turn the system on, the system doesnt shutoff for a while. I would recommend installing Speedfan (go to a cyber and copy it to a disk, if necessary) and running it to check the temps of the mobo, CPU, etc. This will also test the RPM of the fans.
A few things. Can you provide more of the specs of your machine (Video Card, specific Mobo type and chipset, Memory quantity and type). Next , are you sure that your Mobo can support that much memory. Next, did you put thermal paste between the processor fan and the processor? Next, Is the processor cooling fan actually working? What about the other fans inside your case? One thing I do know is that there was an NVidia driver that was released that didn't like Quake -platform games. It would cause the processor to overheat. So, I don't know if you are actually getting into Windows.
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