I might just take the dual core plunge here pretty quick and was just curious how well Toledo cores overclocked? I know that the 3800s are apparently the best overclockers with .. was it the Manchester core? Anyway, I have my 3700+ and I can get a x2 3800 for $275....or I could sell both and get an x2 4400+ for $435...

OPINIONS?? thanks
It kinda matters how much the extra cache and 11x multi are worth to you. Depending on what you run, that extra cache can make a big dif, and the higher multi can get you a higher OC without running your ram at crazy levels. I actually found mine performs better at DDR 400 speeds with 2-3-2-7 (can do 5, but 7 is faster) timing instead of DDR480 with 2.5-3-3-8 timing.

On air cooling, I was hitting just over 2.6Ghz. With water and only 2 DIMM, running Win XP Pro (instead of x64), I was hitting high 2.7Ghz (nearly 2.8). I could actually run mine a little faster (2.66~2.67), but backed it down because I wanter to ensure stable operation.

But if you don't feel you need the extra cache and are willing to run your base system freq higher than mine (mine is 240mhz with HTT Multi at x4), then the x2 3800+ will serve you fine.

A few things for OC'ing. If you change the CPU multi, keep it a whole number. If you use a ram divider, it won't be exactly what you think based on old style. If your doing this, ask and I'll break it down for you. And try to keep your HTT Multi at x4 since this allows full memory bandwidth.
No i pretty much got the OCing down man...thanks for the advice though

Edit: By the way, what were you using for cooling on air? Also, what r ur voltages...
So....anyone else got anything to add?

i just comparing the Toledo core to the Manchester core really....thats all