Well i have been looking at the card for some time know and have a few questions.

Is it better than the Geforce 3 Ti500 because dont forget the geforce3 will also bring better drivers out?

Will ATI keep thier primise to bring better drivers out?

Does it support 4x FAST WRITE?
Yes it supports 4x fast writes now. Fast writes is basically unnoticed though. You wont see a difference at all. So far there has been a long delay on the next driver release. There is a hacked version of the mobility 7500 drivers that work for he 8500 and from other people they say that its faster and more reliable. I think ATI is realy trying to get the next driver release as flawless as possible. Thats why its been a couple motnhs since weve seen the new drivers.
Hmm, i see

whats your answer to my 1st question?
Well, i didnt answer the 1st question because i dont own a GF3 of any variety, so i cant comment on what would be better. I will say that in my opinion the GF3 series is basically maxed out. Each new driver will improve very little in some areas and degrade very little in others. The Radeon is performing on Par with the Ti500 in most cases with crippled drivers. I feel the next driver release from ATI will be the answer to what we have been waiting for. Well, maybe not but i think it will be a BIG improvement over the previous drivers. I do also think the Radeon will ultimatley surpass the Ti500 in every aspect EVENTUALLY, which may be a year from now. The point is that the GF3 is basically at the end of its road, whereas the R200 is just starting. Where the R200 will go lies in the hands of ATI. In all seriousness though, i think ATI will slow down driver support for the R200 when the R300 comes out.
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The Geforce3 cards are maxed out, the R200 on the other had still has life.

GF3 Ti500 Maxed Out...

R-200 Some Juice left.. that can Still be S[censored]zed!