Hi all.... I need some ideas/advice about IT careers. I'm very interested about getting into the IT buisness but i'm confused about which area to go in, there so much choice. Do have any of you work in the industry? or could u give me some advice on certain jobs?, Do is it pay well?, Qualifications needed?

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i myself plan to attend the UNiversity of Cincinatti next year to attain a Bachelor's degree in IT. If you arei nterested in doing more of the actuall hands on work at a lower pay grade (PC-Tech, Network Tech), then an associates degree from a school like ITT Tech or Davenport would be fine. If you are looking to do a little more in the way of management, a bachelors and then eventually a master's degree in the field is the way to go.

As far as actual career areas, there are many to choose from. From Networking (my favorite) to something like PC hardware and repair, there are many jobs available. You can also chose to go for something that actually put computers to work like web and graphic design or 3D modeling and animation. The choice is yours.

I'm not sure how old you are or where you live (US or Europe), but i know that getting an entry level certification before you go to college will be very benificial to securing a job right out of high school. There are many certifications that employers like to llok for, such as the array of CompTIA certifications (Network+, A+, Security+, Linux+, etc) as well as many vendor specific certifications (microsoft, novell, ect) that will help you out alot.

Thats about all i've got.
Good luck.
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I'm a Web Designer; the great thing is the World Wide Web is made by web designers (obviously) and their coding and tutorials are all available online. You could become a Web Designer on your own, all you have to do is get a job to support you and practise in your free time. Once you have a portfolio you don't need any qualifications, the protfolio will speak for you. Some qualifications like English and Art will help though. Experiance is what counts.

I have a degree in Web Design but I could have easilly done it the other way as I have determination and commitment, that's all you need.

it's not the highest paid job until you become really skilled, but it's the most enjoyable role I've been in in IT.
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jordan...could i see your portfolio....i'm thinking about starting a web design/graphics company.