just about to download and benchmark my pc. i'll let you guys know

EDIT: arrgh! it's not out till tommorrow ... damn gamespot leading me on!
Sup guys. Well, I average about 11-21 fps in the new 3DMARK06 bench, better then I expected. As for the cpu tests, wow I must say you must really need some monster cpu to run those good cause I had to literally had to wait 5 seconds for each frame to go by. As for the bencmark, I'm just a bit disappointed. They recycled the first 3 tests from 3dmark05 and put them in the first 3 tests of 06 only I did notice they do look better.

The Canyon flight test looked so awesome, really nice lighting, water looked better, and they addded some colors to that sea monster thing. The firefly test looked pretty much the same only they added 2 fire flys instead of one. However, the new tests with HDR lighting were pretty cool looking. Another thing, this benchmark defaults at 1280-1024 resolution so that too kinda makes it harder on the graphics but it wasn't bad as I thought it would be. Well, here are my scores:

Mobo: DFI LanParty UT nF4-D
CPU: AMD 64 3000+ @ 2.60 GHZ
GPU: eVGA 7800 GT CO @ 504/1.16
Ram: 2 X 512 MB OCZ Premier Series @ 218 Mhz

3DMARK06: 3,975
i got 2299 at stock, 2699 after Ocing my GeForce 6800GS to 515mhz core and 1.20ghz mem
and 2770 after tweaking the drivers. the difference between the two versions is noticable. the HDR looks great in return to Proxycon, and the Seamonster one looks great I like the water effects and the colors on the monster.
1951 and thats even with my overclocks

My pc sucks 😢
w00t! i break 6000!

3DMarks: 6213
Is anyone else just using the basic version? Cos for some reason I can't do the HDR tests even though my card does HDR just not SM3.0
3DMarks: 2661

elsp, im using the basic version, 557mb download (if i remember correctly) and it runs all of the tests available to me.

Lou784, im a bit pissed off that your CPU mark is higher than mine, i can only presume it's coz of your overclock. i have the same cooler as you, so i may try uping the speed, but i cant be [censored]d to tinker atm, not after i just got things sorted
Well, went for a 2nd run this time clocked video card a bit higher. I think that's as high as I can get with this benchmark till I upgrade or something.

Mobo: DFI LanParty UT nF4-D
CPU: AMD 64 3000+ @ 2.60 GHZ
GPU: eVGA 7800 GT CO @ 510/1.19
Ram: 2 X 512 MB OCZ Premier Series @ 218 Mhz
OS: XP 64bit PRO

3DMARK06: 4,012

samhickman, well not sure if this will help but to reach that overclock all I did was, raise HTT to 290, increase the cpu voltage to 1.55 volts, LTD ratio to 3.0, set chipset voltage to 1.70, and ram voltage I brought up to 2.70. I used my stock ram timings of 2.5-3-3-6-7. That's everything I did to get that overclock.
Edward The Less
Im useing the basic version.

Score: 661


CPU: AMD XP 2700+
Memory: 2Gb PC 3200
Video: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
Sound: Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreame Music
Hard Drive: 80Gb IBM Deskstar

I was just over 5 frames per second on the video tests and was about 0.15 frames per second on the CPU tests.

Well I guess the old 9700 pro is worthless now days. It was the first DX9 graphics card but it can't keep up with the DX9 games as we head for DX10 (or whatever Microsoft is going to call it). That grey old mare she ain't what she use to be, ain't what she use to be, ain't what she use to be.

I guess it's time I save as much money as I can to get an AMD X2 dual core CPU and a Nvida 7800 GTX 512Mb card.

EDIT: I just saw that the new ATI 6.1 drivers were out so I ran 3DMark06 again and again scored a 661. I then unistalled the old ATI drivers (makeing sure to clear out everything) and installed the 6.1 drivers. After rebooting I ran 3Dmark06 and got a score of 557, I then rebooted again and again got a score of 557.

*Curles up into a ball, sucks thumb, and sobs*
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Elsp you cant run the hdr tests unless your card supports sm3.0. That is the way that the tests run, you get a vid card score, sm2 score, sm3 score, and cpu score. Add them up and you get your final score.
Yeah worked that out afterwards.

Thats so bloody gay cos I know my card can do HDR cos I can play HL2: Lost Coast perfectly!
check the homepage on ... the owner is less than impressed by this new iteration of 3dmark, and rightly so, he scored just over 4000 with his monster rig, so i wouldn't worry about it elsp. if you can run HL2:LC perfectly, then thats what matters, surely, not that some whack benchmark tells you you can't when you obviously can! (i finally scored higher than you though! )
+++3762+++ here with my 7800 overclocked and my 3200 at 2.4
samhickman my 3dmark05 is currently 5,881 so to you
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2539 with specs below