I have onboard sound ;(
with this headset do i need to get x-fi: PLANTRONICS DSP500 USB link: newegg

if so ok, it sounds like it has its own sound card or something?
if anyone has any suggestions i am willing to get x-fi and a headset that is less than ~100$ american.
please i am open to suggestions thanks
Edward The Less
All the reviews and information I can find says they are good. One thing is that people say you have to download and install the Plantronics software first BEFORE pluggeing them in because Windows will install default drives that sound bad and are allmost impossable to remove.

Some people say they have a few problems with some software not knowing what to do with the headphones.

Windows puts these headphones as an audiocard and you will have to go to the control panal to set them as the audio device. is selling them for $46.94 with free shipping.
thanks for the info!

will i still want to get x-fi or will it sound good with just the plantronics software?
Edward The Less
I don't know as I've never listened to the plantronics dsp 500 but I do have a Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreame Music soundcard and Sennheiser HD 497 headphones and they sound great together but they cost $125 for the X-fi and $50 for the HD 497.