About 1 1/2 months ago i upgraded to a 6600gt, but i noticed every so often that the graphics in the game would mess up. At first i thought this was because my PSU because it was under the reccomended watt for the 6600gt. But recently i was able to install a new one, it seemed to work fine, but now iam getting the messed up graphics again, they look like this:

restarting the pc will fix it, but is there anyother way to fix it?
I swear ive played you in a game on CSS before.

As for graphics, happens to me sometimes aswell. Maybe the card is too hot (doubt it)
why do you think you have played me before??

i guess it could be overheating, but i got 3 fans in my pc psu fan, gfx card fan, motherboard fan, that shoul dbe enoug right?
im running on 5 80mm fans, and exhausts to extract air,,yet it happens.

I think I've seen your name in a server. not sure,
the name in the screenshot isn't mine, i was spectating another player, and i don't use freedom as my name

so i guess i have to live with it then
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What vid drivers are you currently using freedom? There are known graphic issues with cs:s with some nvidia drivers. If you dont have the 81.98 then get those and install them after you uninstall the old vid drivers, cause i know a few of my friends that have 6600GT's and those drivers work good for them.
yea i have those drivers, i have tryed other drivers aswell. its not just in source this happens though, its seems to happpen in all games.
What power supply did you upgrde to? Possibly a power supply just as bad?
it looks like you should fiddle with your agp aperture (if tis card is agp), as this issue appeared there on their forums and was fixed by messing around witht the agp aperture until the issue was gone.
yea it is a agp card, but i have no idea what the agp apature is..??
its a setting in the bios. if you dont feel comftorble doing this, take it into a pc shop and tell them to look at the agp aperture and change it around and then test the game to see if it is fixed.
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if you can install graphics card and psu im sure if hes careful he can go into can always discard changes and exit if you feel youve messed certain its either power ,driver or heat will become ovbious if its a heat issue as teh graphics should get worse the more you play.was your last card ati if so did you use driver cleaner to remove them.this is a common symptom of drivers conflicting..and neorc maybey right ,new psu worse even if it dows have quoted wattage.
coolbits= check temps and reduce clock speed.
driver cleaneruse to get rid of any ati drivers and or nvidia when reinstalling nvidia drivers.
Artifacts they are. Make sure the fan on your GFX card is working correctly. Check the temp of your GPU. Coolbits will allow you to do this.
Sorry to bumb this up, but i have been advised to try and send my card to Gainward and get it fixed or replaced. anyway i have to fill in this form, and i need help with a few things:

it ask for memory speed, and type, iam guessing this is ram, but how can i find out the seed and type??

and Also i have to describe my problem, how should i describe it???
Download Coolbits, Rich click you dekstop go to properties > Settings > Advanced > Gforce 6600 then on the left go to Clock Frequency Settings that will give you your frequencys.

Describe it as 'Gettings majour Artifacts'

You havnt overclocked your card have you?