G'day all, I just brought a 21inch CRT monitor off ebay. The ad said Hyundai but turns out to be a 12 year old Hitachi. I talked to the seller they will gladly refund my money. It's seems to work alright. How long do CRT monitors last for? The monitor is a Hitachi HM-4820-D 21inch (1993) When I start games it flickers a bit before intro, but seems good after that. I payed 137 dollars australian. Should I return it. Any ideas?
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It's a gamble. There's no set life for a CRT - some last 3 years some last 15+ years. Depends on the make, how well it's been looked after, how often it was used and luck. After 12 years I wouldn't expect it to last much longer but that money isn't a lot for a 21" screen. (for what I know of AU$). It must be heavy, it would probabaly cost a lot to return.

What is the image quality like?
Image is fair. I got it picked up by a friend, but I can drop it off. It's about 40km away. It goes a bit funny when I turn it on and off. It's BNC connections not that I've got anything connected to them. Its designed with the cables right on the back off it so you have to have another 6 inches away from the wall. I can pick up a 19inch new for AU$289 and 22inch for about $800. Thanks for the reply
Dude, my opinion is drop that like a hot cup of coffee. If you buy a new one it will work perfectly. A CRT that is that old isn't worth much over here in the US.