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Have been researching extensively, and as a part-time gamer playing CoD, Civ4, etc., have come into possession of a mini-tower w/ P4 2.4ghz, 760mb ddr. Looking to set it up for ipod, games, and camcorder, I decided on a budget minded 6600GT card. Until, that is, I realized this former corp. business computer was given only a 250w power supply! I need a 350w w/ molex to run the low/mid level 6600gt. My question is this: I cannot find an online source that provides an upgraded power supply that I know will fit. I also worry that the mini tower won't offer enough airflow to cool a bigger power supply. Can I do this upgrade, (at about $300 for ps and card, or am I better off spending $1000 and getting a new computer?) I use a 5200fx on my old P3 700mhz 310w power supply, and it works ok- is there a lower level card that will handle T&L and shading w/o the current power for the mini tower?
Thanks guys
that card sounds pretty okay for what you play, but you do need the new psu- and a bigger case would provide much better airflow, which in the long term will cause you less problems- if you have the money, and are prepared to spend it, i would just rebuild the whole thing- woth 1k you could have a great system up and running in a week- you just need to weigh up the pros and cons, as always! if you go for the full upgrade, you could have a gaming system that will play any game absolutely fine for a good 2 years- as long as you leave room for upgrades. otherwise, a new case, gpu and psu are gonna set you back a good $400- so you're already spending %40 of the 1k budget- go all the way, definately!
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Check out this thread. It has some relevance.
I Matador I
Yea I just built my boss a sweet gaming/multimedia rig which had:

Dual-Layer DVD/CD-RW
160GB SATA2 7200rpm WD HDD
eVGA 7800GT Graphics Card
NZXT Trinity Mid-Tower w/ 450w PSU
eVGA nForce4-SLi Mobo
AMD Athlon64 3200+
1GB Dual Channel PC3200 RAM (PNY)

Total: $840.00 After Shipping!!

F***IN' Right haha. Now thats an iPod playin, High Def Gamin' and Video Editing monster for $800

If I were you, I'd make the jump and you'd be amazed at the performance difference between that rig and the one you want to make.
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Okay, my boss, (wife) isn't thrilled with the leap to a sweet rig like you built-but I am. Any suggestions on the best site to configure that set up for that kinda price? Or do I need to get all the pieces and build myself?
I Matador I
haha well that particular setup was all through NewEgg (and with some very special combo deal, which are still going) and was put together... I dont know if you want to do that but it saves the most amount of cash.

I looked at some pretty low cost computer websites and no one can come close to that $800 price range but can come around $950 - $1050 with a couple sacrifices.

If you know how to build a pc... I would highly recommend it. And if you want the links to what part/combos I got for my boss (not wife) I can post those for ya.