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hi. first sorry for my english but i prefer spanish.

Listen im thinking in buying a new PC this are the spec:
-A intel proc. 3.0ghz
-MB msi 925EX neo platinium
-1gb DDR2 RAM
-HD 120 gb

and other stuff.. i work in graphics designs and a i was looking for good video card, and all i can affort is a nvidia 6800 GT. but this is the ISSUE, i was looking in a store here in dominican republic an i saw the video card i want, but they have like diferent company that made they card... like: eVGA, XFX and Leadtek.

And a i want to know what is the diference between those card. Which card do i need to get.

Please if anybody could help i will thanx a lot!

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Well all of those companies used the nvidia reference design, so there is literally no difference with those cards. The only thing that those manufacturers do is either add their own cooling solution and/or have bundled software. Leadtek would be my first choice if that had a really good copper heatsink, then evga for their good customer support.
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