Golden Blood
Im just curious as anyone else here who does not flirt with GG, notice that the forums, all of them, have kind of dropped in content. I mean I am guilty of it too, Im not saying Im not, but to me I used to really enjoy coming in here to read hardware related posts, now when I see a thread revisted about a GA-7DXR (example) thinking it might be someone needing more help, its about licking or some other 2 to 3 word sentence that has absolutely no relevance to the posted topic.

Maybe im just being anal, but Im almost getting tired of reading messages here, I look for ones last posted by specific people hoping they will not be about off topic items.

Granted I think Off Topic, the Lounge is a great place, SERIOUSLY, I do. But things about RAID have 1 word things in it, or really REALLY off topic things in it.

I will try to improve myself and not post off topic things out of the Lounge. If you see the same thing happening please do the same.

Im probably just in a bad mood for having to drive another 200 miles today to fix an end user
Marco C
Couldn't have said it better myself...
I notice it too. Its great that everyone loves posting... but when I try to go through and see who really has questions and problems... its hard to dig through all the crap.

Most of the time, I ignore the conversations that carry on and on, or contribute when I feel a point needs to be made... but again, its getting off topic of what this forum is about.

When you type in "", you want to see and talk about pc hardware, not whether or not so and so is asking so and so about "licking" as GB puts it...

I also don't go for the most amount of posts... its not a race or anything. When I usually give input, its a few paragraphs... which I think equals to about 300 of some one-liners...

I don't know. I start to overlook more and more posts which may be meaningful only because theres too much crap surrounding it.

my opinion
I agree....

I usually don't check the forum too much on weekends and when I come to work Monday and look around it takes hours to sift through the crap...

If you wanna chat get AIM or something...if you wanna post about hardware then post.

About the only way to start combating it IMO is to start deleting the spam...
When I first found this forum, I dont know how, I was really impressed by the feedback I got for my questions. I agree, there seems to be less of that now. I know I dont know nearly as much as you guys, but do you think that I tend to do what you guys are talking about? If so, Ill stop.
I also agree on the fact that when I come in here, I want to talk about hardware. It seems to be my passion. I think about it alot, and I hope to make possible career out of it. I want more hardware content too. In my threads, I seem to get more crap then content. Ex. (hypothetical) I come from school after asking an important question the night before. I check my thread, yes 1 post! I click, wait........and its a 1 liner peice of crap. Im not complaining though. I just hope I am not doing the same thing.
You want feedback on Hardware? Post in hardware forum and get a helpful reply. Software? Sound? Moniters? You WILL get helpful and informative replys. This happens everyday.

Although the amount of off-topic convo's that should belong in the lounge that pop up in other sections of the board is I agree annoying.

One thing we can all do to play a part in this:

Keep the off-topic conversations in the lounge. This is what the lounge is for. To have convo's about anything on your mind. But keep them in the lounge.

In the other topic boards, help the person in need with valuable information, because you are smart d00ds and I know we can helps anyone that comes by. This is another thing we and the boards are here for.

If a conversation developes, lets carry it on in the lounge, or cut it short. Whether is annoys the newcommers asking questions or not I'm not sure, but lets all work on cleaning the boards up.

Know what I mean :cool:
Geek Goddess
I'm sorry *cries* I didn't mean too..
GG.. It's not your fault.. So don't feel Guilty!

-I know we have been off topic... but as far as i know, the only place where we have had this long off topic replys have been in the Off Topic Section...

--When people are asking for help or advices.. we give it to them when we can....

Originally posted by Geek Goddess
I'm sorry *cries* I didn't mean too..

It's not you GG, and no one ever blamed you. Your cool wit us babe, and it'd be better if you stayed.

So please stay with us.

Although I fear we are too late?